Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This is summer.

Earlier this summer Blake and Egan had a backyard campout with a couple friends and their dads. I'll let you guess how a camp out with 3 four year olds and their dads went. There wasn't just a lot of sleep to be had.
We started the evening with a cook out for the whole family, s'mores, a communal bath for the littles, and then home and to bed for the moms and littles.
Photo 1Photo 2
The following morning we all took a trip out to a peach farm for fresh peaches, peach ice cream, and blackberry picking.
Egan was all excited about the fresh peach ice cream, but wasn't as thrilled to actually eat it.
IMG 5517
Classic.  Then, I uttered a phrase I never in my lifetime expected to say as a mom.  "Egan, you need to eat some ice cream before you can have a peach." Craziest thing I've ever said, but I didn't want the ice cream to melt while he ate a peach.IMG 5518IMG 5519  1IMG 5520IMG 5522
Finally he got his peach. And ate the whole thing.IMG 5528IMG 5532
After we ate the peach ice cream and peaches (YUM!), we set out to do some blackberry picking.IMG 5544
The boys got schooled on which berries to pick.IMG 5546
And then they got to work.IMG 5547IMG 5551  1
I eventually told Egan he could taste ONE berry.IMG 5556
He did.IMG 5557
And it turns out it was a bit more sour than he was expecting.IMG 5560IMG 5565
It's times like this that build the memories I'll remember forever. Cook out, s'mores, baths, camping, peaches, ice cream, blackberries and best friends.IMG 5569

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