Monday, August 12, 2013

Snapshots of our days: June (take two)

Our kids are full of adventure and June was no exception. There was a new park built by our house recently, so the kids and I thought it would be fun to check out. We loved that it was unique from the other parks in our area. Egan met some boys to play with while we were there and they made the whole thing into an obstacle course. It's been too hot to go back much, but we look forward to Fall so the plastic and metal play things won't be so hot!
IMG 5772IMG 5787IMG 5786
Sloane checking out her baking.
IMG 5825
Egan and I were doing some cooking one afternoon and put on our aprons.  Sloane insisted I put hers on as well.IMG 5813
Sometimes Sloane has a tough time waking up from a nap. This day she just snuggled us for a bit.
IMG 5846
Look, there's a Karate guy at the gas station!
IMG 5845
Here are 6 of the "little" kids from playgroup all having lunch together while the big kids were at vbs. We pretty much had a week of playgroup for the littles, and the big kids loved getting to be in class together.  It was a win all around. :)
IMG 5838
We visited the "Recycle Reef" exhibit at the Perot Museum on Father's Day weekend. The idea behind the exhibit is taking recycled materials and recreating them into under sea creatures… as art. Egan of course requested that we make a "cuttlefish". Where he comes up with ideas like this, I'll never know, but he insisted. Top left: Egan and Blake hard at work. Top right: a picture of a cuttlefish (or something similar) for reference. Bottom left: Showing the work of art to Sloane.  Bottom right: the cuttlefish in his new environment.
IMG 5897IMG 5866

After we did our thing at Recycle Reef, we turned the kids loose in the play area. Sloane can move FAST, and wants nothing to do with baby play areas… of course!
IMG 5871
Remember that old show "cat dog"? This is our kids best interpretation of it.
IMG 5896
This right here sums up her personality so well.
IMG 5895
This does a pretty good job of it too. She loves her "Bubba".
IMG 5921
I painted my table and chairs back in May and I just love how it freshened up the room.  I've been collecting plates for a while now and finally got enough to hang them up. Egan doesn't get the whole "plates as decor" thing (and neither does his dad), but I'm thankful the guys in my life humor me and my crazy ideas.
IMG 5954
In fact, when Egan first saw the plates hanging up, he said, "Mom, why are there all these plates on the wall? Did you want to make a plate rainbow?  Why didn't you put a plate int he middle?" He never stopped to wait for an answer.  He was so puzzled.
IMG 5965
We had some buddies over to play and eat lunch. They must have played hard because not a one of them let out a peep.IMG 5941
Sometimes Sloane has crazy hair when she wakes up.
IMG 5933
The playgroup made a trip to an airplane museum. We had about 14 kids with us and I think each one of them was in awe.IMG 5966
They even got to sit in this helicopter! Talk about BIG TIME!IMG 6011
"You will see here…" (Egan talks like he KNOWS IT ALL to his friends.)
IMG 5974
I can't remember why Sloane is just in a diaper, but somewhere we went… she didn't make it home with clothes.  Sweet smile.
IMG 6020
We hit a mall that isn't our normal one.  Egan's eyes really lit up when we told him he could ride the carousel!
IMG 6009
He also got to try See's candy. YUUUUM!
IMG 6010
We went on an evening walk to QuikTrip for a drink.  Egan on his bike, Sloane in the stroller.  I promise she was having fun.  She just takes her job as DIVA of the fam very seriously.
IMG 6044IMG 6045
Egan showing off his screech mark on our way home. He's a proud boy!
IMG 6036
Again… sunglasses… serious.  This time with a computer.IMG 6112
Sloane skipped kissing a frog and went right for a chameleon.
IMG 6077

IMG 6075
That pretty much sums up June! Lots of fun on the go and at home.

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