Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Snapshots from our days: June

These kids are happy to see daddy!IMG 5628
She put these on herself and then wore them like that for the whole car ride.  I'm pretty sure she is just humoring me with the picture.
IMG 5596
Egan at a friend's birthday party.  It was a prince and princess theme.  Egan wanted to go dressed as a knight. His own idea.  We fashioned this costume from my felt stash (armor), cardboard (shield), Sharpie ("E" on shield), sword (the one pictured was his party favor, but we also brought one from home that was originally a pirate sword that I covered the Jolly Roger with some felt and tape.) and finally a knight helmet from his dress up bin. It was a snazzy look for sure!
IMG 5593
There are a couple bounce places we frequent.  One of them has this ginormous alligator to climb into and bounce.  Every time we have gone, Egan has refused to climb inside… until recently. I think part of the reason is because it's an alligator.  I think that also he didn't like that he'd have to squeeze through a hole that sealed off the inside from the outside. (That's him finally climbing inside the alligator's mouth.)IMG 5638
This could be another reason he had no interest in playing in the alligator.  This is the exit.IMG 5639
You better believe he ran up to me and said the alligator pooped me out!
One morning I realized our house was far too quiet.  I hadn't heard from Sloane in 30 seconds.  This is where I found her… playing a rousing game of shred the tissue.
IMG 5617
Egan found his "ray bans" (look-a-likes) and wouldn't take them off.
IMG 5637
Then this one got a hold of them. Sloane loves her some shades!
IMG 5681
It's clear she has a brother. Dinos and airplanes.
IMG 5642
Fort Worth museum of nature and science.  Where kids get to push a button to make nails go in daddy's back.
IMG 5706
It's also where 1 year olds get to drive ambulances.
IMG 5707
And kids get to launch airplanes from a special paper airplane launcher. (Blur of the airplane is just under the exit sign in the photo.)IMG 5697
It just so happens that the day we visited the museum was DOUGHNUT DAY!  So, we decided to stop in at Krispy Kreme on our way home. This face explains why.
IMG 5712
He, on the other hand, took it very seriously. Picking a doughnut is a tough decision. After much deliberation, he picked the glazed doughnut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.IMG 5710

We had a date night planned for later that night.  We'd heard great things about Lockhart Smokehouse (The Dallas restaurant based off the "real" Lockhart stuff) and while it isn't your typical date place, we had fun.
IMG 5718
I had ribs and Blake ordered brisket and sausage they truck in from Kreuz market (where I was just a week prior.) My favorite cut of meat is the "Shoulder clod".  They were out of it here this night, but do offer it.  It's leaner than the standard brisket and awesome. We also ordered habanero mac n cheese.  It was as spicy and maybe more delicious than it sounds. In a break from the "real" lockhart bbq, this place does offer forks AND sauce, though they claim there's "no sauce needed."
After dinner, we continued our stroll around the Bishops Arts District checking out the shops along the way.  We eventually stumbled upon Dude, Sweet Chocolate and got a Panca Chocolate bar.  Those folks take chocolate seriously. They describe the bar we got as "72% mixed South American dark chocolate bar, Pervian dried ahi amarillo (dried spicy chili with heave smokey tones) and grape nuts."
IMG 5726
We finished up our date night at The Belmount hotel where there was a band playing on the patio. We got the only table available which was front and center… right by the guys playing live. Conversation was OVER. :)  The view of downtown Dallas was great tough!
IMG 5720

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