Friday, August 2, 2013

snap shots from our days: May… take two!

Some more moments captured by the iPhone back in May.

Sloane got a hold of the remote and thought she'd try to turn the tv on. Thankfully she still hasn't succeeded in her endeavor. I think she was trying to turn Daniel Tiger on. She loves that show.

IMG 5426

One thing Sloane loves…. sunglasses.

IMG 5413

Fun times running around the lap and through the "brother obstacle".

IMG 5409

Jam session in the living room.  We rigged one of my photography light stands to make a mic stand for Egan. That's quite the setup!IMG 5448IMG 5441IMG 5498

The kids had a blast at a buddy's bday party in the bounce house. This was Sloane's first go and she was totally fearless… even with all the big kids! She is one tough one year old… that's for sure! (Here she is with the birthday boy.)
IMG 5497

Hard hat Sloane.IMG 5505

The kids spending a little time in the kitchen cooking me some lunch. :)IMG 5519

Egan brought me the phone and said it was for me.  Of course.IMG 5526

We got a package with some dry ice in it.  Egan and I did a "science experiment" with it.IMG 5575

She walks over to Maggie and signs "doggy" over and over. These two love one another.  Wait, Maggie just loves Sloane's food.

IMG 5567

Yogurt.  Sloane loves it, but DOES NOT like to be fed.  Instead she much prefers feeding herself.IMG 5551

Howling at the lunch table. Can't say I really understand why. :)

IMG 5538

My 101 year old great grandmother who lived in Lockhart, Texas passed away at the end of May.  Blake and the kids stayed home while my parents' and I went to the funeral.  It was a sweet day to honor her and remember her life. We were only able to make a quick day trip down and back, and on our way out of town, we stopped at Kreuz Market for some delicious Texas BBQ.

IMG 5581

It's a no frills kind of place where you order the meat by the pound and eat on paper with bread as your only utensil. There's no sauce to be found either.

I feel like I need to note that the food in front of me was for all three of us… not just me.IMG 5583

We also stopped for a kolache in West, TX on our way home. It's a must.IMG 5584

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