Thursday, August 8, 2013

One of Egan's friends had a Firefighter birthday party which Egan thought was AWESOME.  In fact, for days later, he said on multiple occasions, "Dad, did you know I'm friends with Firefighters?"
At the party, they had all sorts of firefighter related games as well as hats the kids could wear.  The icing on the cake for Egan came when the fire truck pulled up to the front yard.  They were so sweet to let the kids climb in and have a look around the truck.
IMG 5735
Egan found every nook and cranny to inspect and of course ask every question he could  think of.
IMG 5731
This is the look of thrilled.IMG 5769
All the kids and the sweet fireman.IMG 5748
I think Egan had this guy cornered for a good 15 minutes asking how every single thing on the firetruck works. He would then share his new knowledge like he'd known it all along.IMG 5766Then…. this. HE. GOT. TO. SIT. IN. THE. DRIVERS. SEAT.IMG 5754

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