Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fire Department Visit

Our playgroup made a trip to a local (but different than last time!) Fire Department. First we got to tour the whole building to see where the firemen live, but the kids were all about the trucks, of course.
IMG 5207  1
The captain explained all about what they do, and the kids were surprisingly intent on what he had to say.IMG 5198
Then they had another fireman put on the full gear… air tank, mask and all.  This was the point that Egan became a bit nervous. It was super smart for them to have him dress in all the gear so the kids could understand how it all works and that he isn't scary.  We sincerely hope they never have to encounter a fireman in full gear,  but if they do, they now know what to expect!
IMG 5203  2
Our sweet crew… minus Egan (who didn't want to be pictured.)
IMG 5214  1
Sloane made really good friends with the fireman on the right.  Check out that smile!
IMG 5209IMG 5218
Egan sure wasn't shy about checking out the fire truck. He didn't want to get out!  We love trucks, fun and friends!IMG 5221

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