Thursday, July 25, 2013

Various other April fun (edition one)

It's iPhone photos from April photo dump time! I will get caught up! I promise.

The kids got Reece's peanut butter eggs for Easter and I let them have them for dessert one night. What I didn't realize it that would mean immediate bath time would be in order. Also of note the brown smudges all around the potty and tub are NOT what they appear, thankfully. Peanut butter and chocolate everywhere. We are making memories one mess at a time.IMG 4568

Egan has lots of crazy quotes, but this one has to be one of my all time favorites:

Setting: Dinnertime.

Me: "E, did you toot?"

E: "no, my bottom is just breathing."

Me: (puzzled look.)

E: "didn't you hear it? It went ..." (Makes breathing sounds.)IMG 4577  1
Don't bedtime stories at your house include an aviator hat and Peter Pan knife too? Awesome.
IMG 4592  2
Post bathtime smiles from my little ladybug.IMG 4580  2
Blake and the kids got me a bike for Christmas. I love riding around our neighborhood with Egan on his bike. He's getting better all the time!IMG 4615
Recently we got a bike trailer to pull the kids around and to the park. It's big enough that Egan can ride along inside for longer rides or Just Sloane can ride inside if he is on his bike. We love it and so do the kids!IMG 4544  1IMG 4545  1
I put a very first ponytail in Sloane's hair!IMG 4672  1IMG 4700
Sloane says she's skipping the small (age appropriate) fort and going straight for the big one. Gotta keep me on my toes!IMG 4745
Egan requested lunch in the blanket fort. Of course I was on board for that! I added a "table", "chair", lantern and lunch. He ate every bite without a word!IMG 4750
Here's a classic Sloane moment… After I had her bathed, diapered and jammied, she proceeded to dive (literally) back into the tub with Egan. She was thrilled with herself till I pulled her out. (If you can't tell, she is soaked... And thus so am I.)IMG 4759
Children's program singing! Egan is easy to spot... He's the only one in a green shirt. He didn't want to wear a matchy shirt or sing a word. Classic. IMG 4775
Date morning/lunch! Off road segway-ing and then Tillman's. (droooooool) All my northern friends can commence laughing at us freezing. It was 40 degrees. I was wearing two thick fleece jackets. Lunch was SOOOO delicious and fun. Tillmans is one of our very favs!IMG 4818  1My crazy kids in the stroller. I LOVE how the interact and love one another!
IMG 4833IMG 4831
We went to the new galleria play area this morning while Blake worked. Both kids had a blast, and I made one mom very nervous by letting Sloane down to play. She kept saying, "she's climbing that." Over and over. Sloane is fearless and climbs everything!IMG 4853
A prebedtime mini-date with my boy is brought to you by car windows and sunroof open, lumineers "submarine" song, & half price books (magic school bus and choose your own adventure!) It's simple things like this that are my favorite part of being a mom.IMG 4858

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