Wednesday, July 31, 2013

snap shots of our days: May!

We've been working on lots of Legos with Egan. Still we need to help with things like these cars, but he is then taking what we've built together and customizing it himself to make it just how he wants it… for that day. We love legos and love watching Egan be creative!
IMG 5150
I discovered Sloane… on the table.  She keeps me on my toes.  All the time.
IMG 5158
It's an "Egan in a box".  Notice the thumbs up!IMG 5153
Sloane is quite the character. When I take her to the store, she generally does well… for the first 5 minutes or so, then she simply says and signs "Done!" over and over.  I let her know that we still have more shopping to do at which point she screams…. until another shopper is in sight...IMG 5160
… then she waves and says "HI!" in the most charming southern accent possible. I mean it's the most precious thing I've ever seen.  No wonder all the shoppers think she is the cutest kid ever. Every so often someone will catch both sides, but usually she saves the screaming just for me. :)
IMG 5163
This was shortly before bedtime, and I remember this being a rough evening, but gosh… I can't deny those EYES!
IMG 5179
We filled the sandbox with beaded necklaces for Egan's birthday party.  Sloane seeks those necklaces out and pretty much always has one or more on. This is just one of the many ways boys and girls differ.
IMG 5183
Check out this look! Sometimes the necklaces go over the neck instead of around it. It frustrates her just a bit when it falls off.
IMG 5193  1
This is a bowl of frozen peas. That is also a little boy's hand reaching in to snag a couple to eat.  He didn't realize they weren't cooked yet.  The look on his face… priceless.
IMG 5190

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