Tuesday, July 16, 2013

my little mess

Just after Sloane's birthday, we let her have a cupcake and took these sweet pictures. Again... from the March lost drafts.

Sloane is truly one of a kind, and we love that about her. If you know her, you know she loves food. Since we had pie for her birthday party, she hadn't had a chance yet to take a stab at a cupcake! This was her chance.
We started with a clean baby with a cute white hair clip.
IMG_4318 (1).jpg

Before I let her know about the cake, I let her play while I took a few pictures.
IMG_4346 (1).jpg


And then I put her cupcake down on a plate for her.

I couldn't even back away and pick up my camera before she was already digging in.
IMG_4352 (1).jpg

IMG_4363 (2).jpg


She's saying "Mmmmmmmmmmm....."
IMG_4372 (1).jpg

Before digging back in.

IMG_4406 (1).jpg


IMG_4425 (1).jpg

IMG_4449 (1).jpg

It was about at this point that she had enough to eat and started just crumbling the cupcake, throwing it... and finally standing up and spreading it on the walls. It was also at this point I stopped taking pictures, picked up Sloane and began cleaning up the mess. Well worth it!
IMG_4453 (1).jpg

Happy Birthday Sloane!

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