Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mother's Day project

This was the first year that Egan was in school and thus… this is my first "Mother's Day project." It is such a treasure to me, and I think it perfectly captures Egan as he is now.
My mom is: 7 or 8 years old.
My mom likes to play with me.
My mom always says: I love you!
When I am at school, my mom goes home.
It makes my mom happy when I listen and obey.
My mom is best at showing me different shapes and colors.
The best thing my mom cooks is meatballs in sandwiches. (Note: his two favorite foods are meatballs AND sandwiches.  We've never put them together.)
When my mom shops, she likes to buy toys for me.
If my mom could go on vacation/trip, she would go to China. (YES! I would love that!)
My mom loves me because she loves me.
I love my mom because I know she loves me!

The flower on the front also very much portrays Egan at age 4. If he gets to choose a color for something, currently it will always be BLUE.  Blue flower and blue button. He also explained that he drew thorns on the flower. We have roses that we cut from our back yard in the Spring which have large thorns.  He knows very well to be careful of them! This is such a special project to me and I'll look forward to his Mother's Day projects for years to come!
Thank you Egan!
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