Friday, July 26, 2013

More April snapshots...

April was a busy month! Here's the rest of our happenings!
Sloane and Maggie watching Blake in the back yard. (We have since installed a new back door! Pics to come once the project is completed.)
IMG 5020  1
Also, our playgroup served Meals on Wheels on this guy. The kids did great carrying the food and knocking on doors.
IMG 4928
IMG 4939

IMG 4930
The kids have been swimming and splashing in the back yard… a lot!
IMG 4982  1IMG 4974
The Galleria just got a new play area (So fun!) and to celebrate, they had lots of fun stuff for the kids.  We started with masks.
IMG 4989
They also had this small alligator to check out. Egan was so brave and went up to touch the tail. IMG 4991  1
But as soon as the lady turned it around… he couldn't get far enough away. Sloane wasn't sure what to think! (I don't think blake did either.)IMG 4994
He was a little braver with the hawk… from the safety of the stroller.IMG 4999IMG 4996Finally, we checked out the new play area! Egan really put it to the test.
IMG 5003
We took a super fun trip to a nature preserve with our community group. Several moms and lots of our preschool boys (and Sloane) played in the park for a while before venturing out on a "hike".IMG 5066IMG 5075IMG 5074
It was a great month spent on the go and fun at home.

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