Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

IMG 5608

The kids got a couple sparklers from a friend's birthday party (Thanks Jenn!), and since we aren't quite cool enough to let our kids stay up late enough for actual fireworks, we had a little fun with them this evening before it got dark. After Sloane was in bed, of course. ;)  (You can see the sparkler in his hands, but since it was still light outside, it kind of blends in.  Trust me… fire was in his hands.)

IMG 5606IMG 5599

We had a little family fun this morning at a local(ish) parade. I forgot my big camera, but snagged the pictures from our iPhones to share. We got there early enough to grab some great spots on the front row.  Egan took his waving VERY seriously. very.

IMG 6166

We didn't realize when we got there that we had set up directly across from the commentators. You can see them on the stoop of the courthouse.  The only way I can describe them is to think of the movie "Best in Show". So funny.

IMG 6168

Lots of classic cars...

IMG 2525

IMG 6174IMG 6180

The antique army vehicle of some kind… sponsored by a "Rover Resort".  It was the winner for best float.IMG 2536  2

Both kids had fun when the parade started. Sloane actually was pretty interested in the whole thing… which was great!

Sidenote: She loves her water bottles, and when I picked her up from childcare on Sunday, her teacher asked if she was saying "tea" in reference to her water. Yes… yes she was. "Tea." Where does she learn these things? (me.)

IMG 6176

She also waved to many of the people as they walked/drove by.

IMG 6178

We thought this was pretty interesting.  A lady dressed as Uncle Sam (maybe?) with some snazzy boots and tiny dogs dressed as Lady Liberty. Oh my!

IMG 6181IMG 2543

Dad, we thought you were working today, but Blake spotted you… in an awesome horned helmet, and longhorns on the front of a motorcycle… You should have told us you were in our area! (KIDDING! We thought this guy was pretty awesome though!)IMG 2544

We knew the parade was almost over when the horses strolled by. I've never seen such a patriotic horse. 

IMG 2546

On our way home, we made an impromptu stop for some fun in the fountains. We didn't bring clothes for the kids to get wet in, but they didn't seem to mind.

IMG 6186

IMG 6187

We put Sloane in a little-bit-too-small-but-still-wearable shirt of Egan's I had stashed in the car. Amazingly… it fit.

IMG 6194

We decided it was the mark of a super successful morning if both kids came home soaked from head to toe and lacking bits and pieces of clothing. Happy 4th everyone!

IMG 6198


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