Friday, July 19, 2013

Easter cuties

I took a quick opportunity while my kids were dressed up to snap some pictures of them. We don't dress up much, so I've got to take the opportunity when I can!
IMG_4589 (1).jpg

IMG_4592 (1).jpg


No one can make Sloane laugh quite like Egan can. I love this sweet bond they already have.


We went to visit my parents just before Easter while Blake was doing a lot of work getting ready for the services at church. This was also when we were working to transition Sloane from two naps to one. (Edited to add... she still sometimes needs two.)  So, she struggled a bit while I was trying to stretch her to just the afternoon nap. We decided this was a great chance for a walk down by the airplane runway where there were around 10 airplanes parked for a gathering. Both kids love airplanes, so it was a win win! I also loved the simple backdrop of the bare pecan trees.



The kids didn't want much to do with me taking their picture, but sat fairly still for at least 30 seconds.

Then, we continued our stroll to see a little more of the airplanes before making it back for lunch and nap!

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