Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Arboretum birthday trip

We planned a family fun day for Egan's actual birthday with a trip to the arboretum and a picnic!
We started the day with a donut, candle and singing. I'm a big believer in putting a candle in anything… multiple times per birthday… for the birthday kid.  A donut is fun, but a donut with a happy birthday candle? WAY BETTER.
IMG 4943
Then he got to open his birthday presents… including "Tailspin". It was a big hit.IMG 4953
Then, we set off for the Arboretum! Egan ran and ran and ran and ran some more. Blake chased him.
IMG 4991
IMG 4993
Sloane and I hung out and played in the grass.IMG 4979
IMG 4987Egan continued to run...

IMG 5006Until he finally got caught.
IMG 5020IMG 5021
And then he ran some more.IMG 5034IMG 5045
We convinced the kids to take a seat for just a moment. Trust me, though… it was truly JUST a moment.
IMG 5084
IMG 5100
IMG 5107IMG 5143  1IMG 5157
Next, we explored a few pathways.
IMG 5176  1IMG 5186  1
It was really fun walking through the paths lined by blooming trees and flowers. So beautiful!IMG 5195IMG 5196
IMG 5203  1
We even spied some wildlife!IMG 5210  1IMG 5213IMG 5326IMG 5335IMG 5337

IMG 5224
We did a little more exploring before finding a fun place for a picnic.IMG 5230
IMG 5236IMG 5242IMG 5301
We didn't bring a change of clothes on this trip, so Egan couldn't play in the water, but he did climb up on the frog.IMG 5309
Then he did exactly what I thought he would do… Stinker!
IMG 5316IMG 5317
Our big 4 year old!
IMG 5319  1
Such a fun day spent with my 3 favorites!

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