Monday, July 22, 2013

A little trip to Neverland

I finally finished publishing the posts that somehow got lost in my drafts, but I'm still playing catch up. This is from Egan's 4th birthday party back in April!
Egan asked to have a Peter Pan party this year for his 4th birthday. It's no secret I love a fun theme, so I ran with it!  He got to go see Peter Pan the musical on stage as part of his birthday a couple weeks early, so this year he was all Peter Pan for sure!  We scaled the birthday party back quite a bit this year and Egan just invited some boys over for a Friday afternoon celebration.
I'll share a few more details for his party tomorrow in case anyone wants to do a Neverland party of their own… but for today, here's the party!
Most of the boys came dressed either as Peter Pan or a pirate, but we also had lots of dress up stuff in our treasure chest to complete the outfits.
IMG 4783
IMG 4784
IMG 4787IMG 4792IMG 4810
We served snacks, drinks and cookie cake at the party.  Egan's favorite snack was the pirate ships we made. (Squares of cheese, apple slice and toothpick!) IMG 4859
IMG 4808IMG 4814
All the kids got Peter Pan whistles to play with and take home. Trust me… they were loud. :)
IMG 4818IMG 4821
Sloane was our own little Tinkerbell. (She's wearing a green skirt, but it ended up around her waist… oh well!)IMG 4825
All the kids got to dig for treasure! (necklaces and gold coins)IMG 4830IMG 4838
The small slide served as Captain Hook's ship complete with a sail...IMG 4793
Where the kids would slide down and attack the "Tick Tock Croc".IMG 4794
Ok, so this may have been Egan's very favorite part of the party.IMG 4795IMG 4797
We also created a "Lost Boys hideout" where the kids could swing and climb up and play.IMG 4844IMG 4860
And we played a Peter Pan "flying" game with hoops to fly through.IMG 4872
And attack the Croc… of course!IMG 4875IMG 4882Did I mention the Croc was a hit!?
IMG 4892IMG 4893Egan specifically asked for a "Cookie Cake with Captain Hook's ship on it". That… I can do! Or maybe I should say… the cookie people in the mall can!  I just asked them to pipe on some extra icing to stick the characters to the cake. Egan was thrilled.
IMG 4901IMG 4905
We sang Happy Birthday...IMG 4908
He blew out the candles...IMG 4913
And we served up the cake!IMG 4931
We really had such a blast celebrating our sweet boy on his big day and feel so blessed to have so many that care for him and love him. It was a sweet sweet time thinking through how he has changed our lives in the last 4 years!
This is quite the crew!
IMG 4850
Tomorrow, I'll share the details and sources for this fun party so you can host one of your own!

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