Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A DIY Peter Pan Celebration!

Ok, so everything you ever wanted to know to host your own Peter Pan Celebration… on a budget!
So, it may not be the best party planning move… but I emailed out invites. With two kids and birthdays only 3 weeks apart, and time at a premium… I knew my friends would understand. And BONUS if you use a mac: You can drag the image right from your email and drop it in a calendar event that way you have an "appointment" show up on your calendar, and an images attached when you view the details!  I love having all the info in one place.
The invite: $0 (just a little work on the computer) (Let's just be honest… the computer, software & internet connection aren't free, but didn't cost me anything extra to do this project.)
Egan s 4th bday invite
Treasure chest: already owned.  I think it is from Hobby Lobby a couple years ago though.
Peter Pan hats: I made them using this pattern. I ended up altering the pattern just a bit and cut felt feathers to stitch on.
Pirate Hats: I used this pattern… altered just a bit.
Felt: Some of it I already had in my stash, but the rest I got at JoAnn's.
Pirate Hook: Egan had it in his dress up bin.  We got it in the Target $ spot a while back.
Pirate Eye Patches: Ordered here.
Treasure Necklaces: From here.
Gold Coins: Treasure.
IMG 4783
Stuff for food!
Goldware: the plastic kind.
Striped Plates: for all the pirates
Feathers: JoAnns? or Hobby Lobby? I don't remember.
Straws: Dollar Tree.  I just took the blue out.
IMG 4784
Lantern: Ikea, a while back.
Tinkerbell: Printed from the internet.
IMG 4787
Peter Pan hat napkins.  I just folded the green napkins into a triangle and tucked it in on the side.  Then, I stuck the red striped napkin in the pocket. Easy!  Bonus: You can never have enough napkins with kids around. :)
-Green Napkins from somewhere local.  I think Hobby Lobby.
-Striped red napkins: Ordered.
IMG 4813
Table runner: From the office section at Dollar tree. So, $1 for the WHOLE roll! Various markers to draw a map on it. Tape it to the table!
IMG 4792
Happy Birthday Banner: Walmart party aisle: $1
Peter Pan Shadows: Cut out of poster board and taped around the backyard.
IMG 4809
Peter Pan Whistles: From Amazon. I tied a string to them so the kids could wear them around their neck and used a sharpie to write names on them.  Wouldn't it be sad if they lost them and couldn't take them home? I'm sure the parents were thanking me for this purchase.  They are LOUD.
IMG 4821
Digging for treasure: in the sandbox.  We already had lots of shovels, but I got the cat litter shovel at Dollar tree because I thought it would be great for getting treasure out.
IMG 4830
Lost Boys Hideout: The Fort with some blankets put up inside. Isn't everything more fun with blankets hung up?
IMG 4844
IMG 4846
Captain Hook's ship:
Sail: From my fabric stash
PVC pipe and T braket: used to hold the sail up.
IMG 4805Tick Tock Croc: Amazon… but it was only $11 when I got it. It's more than double that now!  I think they also had it at Oriental Trading.
IMG 4893
Peter Pan figures for the cake: The Disney StoreIMG 4901
It was such a fun party to pull together and Egan's enthusiasm only helped.  He's old enough now to get really excited about stabbing an alligator with a foam knife. Kidding… sort of.

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