Wednesday, July 31, 2013

snap shots of our days: May!

We've been working on lots of Legos with Egan. Still we need to help with things like these cars, but he is then taking what we've built together and customizing it himself to make it just how he wants it… for that day. We love legos and love watching Egan be creative!
IMG 5150
I discovered Sloane… on the table.  She keeps me on my toes.  All the time.
IMG 5158
It's an "Egan in a box".  Notice the thumbs up!IMG 5153
Sloane is quite the character. When I take her to the store, she generally does well… for the first 5 minutes or so, then she simply says and signs "Done!" over and over.  I let her know that we still have more shopping to do at which point she screams…. until another shopper is in sight...IMG 5160
… then she waves and says "HI!" in the most charming southern accent possible. I mean it's the most precious thing I've ever seen.  No wonder all the shoppers think she is the cutest kid ever. Every so often someone will catch both sides, but usually she saves the screaming just for me. :)
IMG 5163
This was shortly before bedtime, and I remember this being a rough evening, but gosh… I can't deny those EYES!
IMG 5179
We filled the sandbox with beaded necklaces for Egan's birthday party.  Sloane seeks those necklaces out and pretty much always has one or more on. This is just one of the many ways boys and girls differ.
IMG 5183
Check out this look! Sometimes the necklaces go over the neck instead of around it. It frustrates her just a bit when it falls off.
IMG 5193  1
This is a bowl of frozen peas. That is also a little boy's hand reaching in to snag a couple to eat.  He didn't realize they weren't cooked yet.  The look on his face… priceless.
IMG 5190

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mother's Day project

This was the first year that Egan was in school and thus… this is my first "Mother's Day project." It is such a treasure to me, and I think it perfectly captures Egan as he is now.
My mom is: 7 or 8 years old.
My mom likes to play with me.
My mom always says: I love you!
When I am at school, my mom goes home.
It makes my mom happy when I listen and obey.
My mom is best at showing me different shapes and colors.
The best thing my mom cooks is meatballs in sandwiches. (Note: his two favorite foods are meatballs AND sandwiches.  We've never put them together.)
When my mom shops, she likes to buy toys for me.
If my mom could go on vacation/trip, she would go to China. (YES! I would love that!)
My mom loves me because she loves me.
I love my mom because I know she loves me!

The flower on the front also very much portrays Egan at age 4. If he gets to choose a color for something, currently it will always be BLUE.  Blue flower and blue button. He also explained that he drew thorns on the flower. We have roses that we cut from our back yard in the Spring which have large thorns.  He knows very well to be careful of them! This is such a special project to me and I'll look forward to his Mother's Day projects for years to come!
Thank you Egan!
IMG 5170

Monday, July 29, 2013

Caaaaamping. Sort of.

Our playgroup wanted to plan a camping trip for the Spring for our families.  We landed on an early weekend in May… a month that it typically WARM here in Texas.  When the weather forecast said to expect the lows at night to reach the 30s, we knew we couldn't tent camp with all our littles.  Instead of pulling the plug, we all piled in a cabin for the weekend. The weekend was crazy, but a total blast. Here is the story of our time away in Broken Bow, OK.
IMG 5116
Egan was thrilled to be in Oklahoma.
IMG 5118
Once we got settled into the cabin, we all took a walk with the kids to see what was around.
IMG 5366
There was an endless supply of sticks, rocks, dirt piles (huge… I think they called it their "castle"?)
IMG 5368
We brought a "Kammok" to hang between trees and lounge in.  It's basically a hammock that folds into a small pouch but can hold something like 400 lbs.
IMG 5131IMG 5382
The kids had a blast in it two at a time… taking turns swinging each other.
IMG 5396IMG 5399IMG 5390
After dinner we got a fire going and made s'mores, of course.
IMG 5406  1

IMG 5408IMG 5411IMG 5413IMG 5414
Smores with preschoolers is quite an adventure with fire! and sticks! and chocolate! and MARSHMALLOWS! I never expected it to be such an adventure for the adults too!IMG 5419  1
Pretty sure Mia still had marshmallow in her hair when we went home at the end of our trip. She wasn't afraid to dig right in.IMG 5424
And neither was Claire.  It is a pretty safe bet to say that all the kids were just a big sticky mess by the end. Oh, and they were majorly hyped up on sugar… right before bed.IMG 5427  1IMG 5430IMG 5431
Blake got to do bedtime stories with lots of the kids while the others got ready for bed. They were reading "The Monster at the End of this Book" on the iPad.  One of our favorite stories.
IMG 5437
The following day we made it into Beaver's Bend Park.IMG 5439
Our main goal was to ride the train while there. Here are all the kids (except Sloane) before the trip.
IMG 5444  1
And everyone who made the trip! What a crew!  We love these folks so much!
IMG 5449IMG 5451IMG 5454IMG 5458IMG 5480IMG 5486
After riding the train, we walked to a playground to let the kids loose. Sloane, who is not normally a fan of swings, was happy to swing with daddy. As long as he didn't go too high.IMG 5489IMG 5509
After the fun at the park, we headed back to the cabin for nap/rest time for the kids. Sloane of course took an epically short nap (love her), so we let the big kids rest in our room and watch some Veggie Tales while the other kids napped. This is where the "sort of" camping came in really handy.
Screen Shot 2013 07 24 at 9 25 30 PM
While I can't say that all of the "camping" was glorious…. ahem… Sloane screamed more than she slept the first night. No joke. Oh, and I ended up sick the second night. There's nothing that can out weigh our love for these special families and precious time with them. What will our camping trip of 2014 hold? We can't wait to see!

Friday, July 26, 2013

More April snapshots...

April was a busy month! Here's the rest of our happenings!
Sloane and Maggie watching Blake in the back yard. (We have since installed a new back door! Pics to come once the project is completed.)
IMG 5020  1
Also, our playgroup served Meals on Wheels on this guy. The kids did great carrying the food and knocking on doors.
IMG 4928
IMG 4939

IMG 4930
The kids have been swimming and splashing in the back yard… a lot!
IMG 4982  1IMG 4974
The Galleria just got a new play area (So fun!) and to celebrate, they had lots of fun stuff for the kids.  We started with masks.
IMG 4989
They also had this small alligator to check out. Egan was so brave and went up to touch the tail. IMG 4991  1
But as soon as the lady turned it around… he couldn't get far enough away. Sloane wasn't sure what to think! (I don't think blake did either.)IMG 4994
He was a little braver with the hawk… from the safety of the stroller.IMG 4999IMG 4996Finally, we checked out the new play area! Egan really put it to the test.
IMG 5003
We took a super fun trip to a nature preserve with our community group. Several moms and lots of our preschool boys (and Sloane) played in the park for a while before venturing out on a "hike".IMG 5066IMG 5075IMG 5074
It was a great month spent on the go and fun at home.