Wednesday, April 10, 2013

one of our new stomping grounds

At the beginning of December, the new Perot Museum (nature/science/kids) opened. We've made several visits, but this was the first. So fun!

First we checked out the dinosaurs.
IMG_3008 (1).jpg

Blake and Egan learned what it's like to be a weather man.

Learned about drilling for oil and natural gas. There's a whole floor dedicated to this.
IMG_3019 (1).jpg


How high can you jump?
IMG_3027 (1).jpg

On another trip, we spent some time on the mechanical floor. Egan built this!

Blake and Egan built a remote controlled robot.

And Sloane got to hang with dad while Egan ran amuck in the children's floor.

It's a favorite!

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