Saturday, April 13, 2013

everyday stuff

A little iphone photo dump with lots of fun!
Some lego creations Egan and I built. He has the grand ideas about what we will build.  It's mostly my job to execute.

This is how Egan does his bedtime negotiations.

Sloane loves herself a mirror!
IMG_4293 (1).jpg

I took the kids to the Porch to see Blake do his thing and also see Shane and Shane live! Egan said his favorite part was "Seeing Daddy!" We were only able to stay for the first part, but the kids loved it, so we will have to do go again.

Sloane got a hold of a chocolate chip cookie. Alt title: trying to be like daddy (with the goatee) but can't let go of the flower.

Sloane likes pasta. Understatement.

Egan: "Welcome to the big top. Sloane, come on in to see the circus!"

Sloane learned to throw a fit!

My little chef helped me bake a pizza.

Some dinnertime silly faces.

Some morning silly faces. (Ok, maybe it was afternoon and Sloane was just still in her jammies.)

Washing Egan's sheets. He was counting down the minutes to when Jeremiah (his buddy) was going to be clean. So sweet.

February 24: Warm enough that we spent it in the back yard playing in the water.

Our freshly planted herb garden.

IMG_4436 (1).jpg

Egan about his basil sprouts: "Awwww they are so cute!"

Making stirfry. Egan ate more than he put in the pan. (I'm not complaining.)

Not pictured: Sloane entered the phase of putting everything in her mouth. During one bath those things included; every bath toy, the faucet, bath water, wash cloth, Egan's toes, and bath tub. The following day: Dog food. Gross.
Ironically, she likes to feed Maggie her food from the high chair... then looks at me and shakes her head "No".
More fun to come!

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