Monday, April 8, 2013

back in december...

Time for major catch up! Let's go for a little time traveling back to December 2012 so I can get this done in order.
Anyway, we went on a little trip to Sea World. Like any trip south on I35, This was our first stop.
IMG_3594 (1).jpg

Time for Kolaches!Then, to continue with the amazing food tour, we stopped in Lockhart for BBQ. Incredible. The meat is smoked right there 3 feet away.
IMG_3597 (1).jpg

Sea World at Christmas means Santa mariachis... because why not?

Next stop was feeding the dolphins. One of Egan's favorite things to do there.
IMG_2326 (1).jpg

IMG_2354 (2).jpg

All the shows had a Christmas theme. The porpoise show was no exception with bad holiday sweaters and nutcrackers.
IMG_2366 (2).jpg

The shows were all extra fun with Christmas music to go a long with them.
IMG_2395 (1).jpg

IMG_2411 (2).jpg

IMG_2418 (1).jpg

Egan got to ride his first roller coaster while we were there! I never thought he'd actually get on, but he did, and...
IMG_2433 (1).jpg

... even got off smiling!
IMG_2445 (1).jpg

All while Sloane took a little nap.
IMG_2448 (1).jpg

That was when my dad and I got a quick chance to ride a real roller coaster. I hadn't ridden a roller coaster in years, and this one didn't disappoint!
IMG_3602 (1).jpg

Egan said his favorite show was this one... The Canary Row Caper... but it went by a different name for Christmas.
IMG_2472 (1).jpg

IMG_2492 (1).jpg

IMG_2509 (1).jpg

We also watched the Sesame Street show! Egan WAS. NOT. A. FAN. of the characters in costume, but for this show we were far enough away that he handled it well. :)
IMG_2523 (1).jpg

There were Christmas lights everywhere. Egan was thrilled!
IMG_3620 (1).jpg

IMG_3621 (1).jpg

We also checked out the fish, which I think was Sloane's favorite part.
IMG_2528 (1).jpg

IMG_2536 (1).jpg

IMG_2538 (1).jpg

IMG_2540 (1).jpg

IMG_2547 (2).jpg

Here's a fun one...
IMG_2577 (1).jpg

Egan got to play in the splash area right before we left to head home. Ironic thing was it being in the 80s when this picture was taken, and then a cold front blew through and got down to the 30s that night.
IMG_2584 (1).jpg

I think we saved the best show for last. Shamu!We sat safely out of the splash zone.
IMG_2608 (1).jpg

Sloane was just about done by this point. In fact, she was asleep about 30 seconds after this was taken.
IMG_2612 (1).jpg

One last pic on our way out of the park with two very tired kids. They were both such champs and had a blast!
IMG_3643 (1).jpg

Sea World was super fun, but one thing that had a huge impact on Egan was the Texas waffle he had every morning at the hotel. Anything shaped like our great state tastes better!
IMG_3622 (1).jpg

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