Thursday, January 3, 2013

Live blogging this one

Posting this live in the moment... Because I'm sure I will want to look back on this when she's grown and giggle. Or cry. Only time will tell.

Sloane has been sleeping much better recently. So far tonight she's spent more time crying than sleeping. This is likely one of three things:
1. Teeth (isn't this always an excuse?)
2. Ear infection (could be, but I've taken her to the dr 3 times in the last few months thinking this could be the issue. Is wasn't.)
3. Manipulation (as diagnosed by the dr when I bring her in well.) :)

Once she didn't calm down for a good long while tonight, Blake and I decided that maybe some Motrin was in order. After all, screaming in the night isn't something she's done much in a while. I went in to give her some only to make her MADDER. She spit that stuff all over herself and me. Fun. When I still couldn't get her to calm down, I thought... Maybe she's hungry! So, I made her a bottle. 2 oz later, she was happy, but didn't want anymore. Since she was happy, I thought I'd enjoy a few minutes snuggling with my sweet girl. Before I got up to put her back in bed, I gave her a little kiss on the cheek, to which she responded with a laugh. Now, this is is no normal laugh. She has this special mocking "cackle" and that is how she repaid me. There went that sweet moment.

(This is Sloane partying in her bed at midnight. Taken just now. Yes, she's sitting up. Not sure why!)