Sunday, December 16, 2012

Long overdue update with snapshots from our days

My photography work has taken over any free minutes I've had the last few months, but I'm just about done with all of it! Just in time or Christmas!
I've got some snapshots from the iphone capturing our days together.
Tea... Probably more often than not, my morning hot tea gets cold before I drink it, and it becomes my lunchtime iced tea!
IMG_3257 (1).jpg

A stroll through the neighborhood! Egan pushing.
IMG_3253 (1).jpg

More sick days than I'd like meant sandwiches and movies on the computer.
IMG_3238 (1).jpg

Sloane just learning to crawl!
IMG_3233 (1).jpg

Ahem... more sick days and movies.
IMG_3230 (1).jpg

Legos! A castle we built on his new lego table!
IMG_3198 (1).jpg

Sloane loves her pacis. Loves them.
IMG_3194 (1).jpg

More legos!
IMG_3190 (1).jpg

These two had so much fun in the race car cart together. Thank you Lowes!
IMG_3180 (1).jpg

IMG_3175 (1).jpg

We made our annual Playgroup trip to the arboretum. Sloane was a happy camper. ;)
IMG_3105 (1).jpg

Egan had a blast.
IMG_3104 (1).jpg

He and his bud J in matching Astronaut costumes. BIG FUN YOU GUYS!
IMG_3100 (1).jpg

Have I mentioned Sloane loves her paci?
IMG_3089 (1).jpg

Oh, and this is how you know your baby is done with the swing. (She was buckled.)
IMG_3085 (1).jpg

Egan played soccer! (more to come on that.)
IMG_3011 (1).jpg

We got a new (to us) table for our dining area. It really fits the space much better. I got all the supplies to paint it... but just like this blog, it's been neglected. I hope to get it painted next week. The table will be the teal color... chairs white. The walls are already the tan color.
IMG_3006 (4).jpg

A fun trip to Amazing Jake's for games... and some pizza. Mostly the former. Egan isn't a lover of pizza. In fact, I had to tell him about all the veggies that were on his pizza in order to get him to eat it. Look! Spinach!
IMG_2994 (2).jpg

Post nap snuggles with mommy.
IMG_2987 (2).jpg

Early morning snuggles in mommy and daddy's bed.
IMG_2984 (2).jpg

IMG_2973 (2).jpg

Sloane giving Maggie some sweet pats.
IMG_2963 (2).jpg

We've had a few sleep issues, and more visits to the doctor than I'd like to admit to make sure ears are clear and she is well. Ahem... she is. Thankfully we have made quite a bit of progress with the sleep and Sloane is letting us all rest more. I didn't buy this onesie, but I considered it for my "up all night" baby!
IMG_2946 (3).jpg

This picture so captures the dynamic between these two. Sloane picking on her brother. Egan... chilled, just letting her do it.
IMG_2945 (3).jpg

Sloane and Egan are a blast and it is so much fun seeing them grow and change daily, and while they may not be the best pictures I've taken, I love that I have a camera on my phone to capture the fun little moments! More to come!

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