Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a day in the life... more updates from the iphone.

A long time without updates means lots more!
I love my post-nap snuggles!

Maggie loves the kids so much. Any time they are around playing, she is surely nearby. I can't say I really understand it, but I love that she is so calm and sweet with "her" babies. Moments like these, I call her "Nanny Maggie".

A picture we sent to Egan while we were out of town.

More Nanny Maggie. Pretty sure that next to that hammer is the last place she should be.

What? You don't think Fix It Felix goes in the bottom of an airplane?

Dinosaur time! Egan AND Sloane playing with dinosaurs! Maggie watching over them closely... just like always.

Egan's favorite hideout. Inside the side table with a lantern and pillow.

Ok, so I might love Costco because both kids can sit in the cart. Adorable!

We had a Christmas party at church, and I was so proud of Egan and his buddies for sitting together like such big kids... that is until their attention ran out and we resorted to a stash of hot wheels I had in my bag. :)

Um, so big. And looking like dad in his awesome shades and laptop.
IMG_3547 (1).jpg

Sloane has come to love food. All food. Any food we are eating, she wants... and usually gets.
IMG_3558 (1).jpg

Playing together sweetly.
IMG_3584 (1).jpg

Sloane just recently started crawling. Less than a week after she started crawling, she started pulling up... and climbing.

IMG_3652 (4).jpg


Yet ANOTHER sick day! This time for Sloane. We spent the evening snuggling on the couch with her lovey. Egan didn't want to miss out on the snuggling action, so he went and got his lovie, Jeremiah, to join in the fun.



Egan and I had fun with an app on my iphone. Cool 'stash!

Tower building with dad!

We had the annual staff Christmas party last weekend where the Arts team decided to dress as the nativity. No, it wasn't a dress up party. (Blake is in green.)

IMG_3704 (1).jpg

We went to a friend's birthday party!

IMG_3716 (2).jpg

Sloane made a huge mess eating lunch. The amount of food that fell out of her lap as I took her out of her seat was extreme. Maggie got a whole meal out of that. ;)

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