Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Sloane... edition 5, 6 & 7 months... yikes!

Oh goodness, I knew I would eventually fall behind, and here I am. Time for some catch up! (One week later: As if to show just how much there is going on here, this has just been sitting on my computer for days... time to finally publish!)
5 months:
Dear Sloane,
You are so much fun and the perfect addition to our family. You continue to challenge us in various ways, but we couldn't be more thankful for you. Your sleep has improved some, but we still are working on training. You have started being able to put the paci in your mouth on your own... which I appreciate so much. You've started being able to sit up on your own a bit, but are still quite wobbly. You enjoy being in the exersaucer some... especially when Egan is around to play with you. You've started liking the stroller more, but still are not a fan of the car seat. Thankfully, you've started liking daddy more and don't really have a preference between us anymore. Sloane, we love each and every minute spent with you, and now that you are waking from your nap, I need to go get you!
Love, Mommy

6 months:
Dear Sloane,
Happy 6 months to my little doll! You are getting so big and have SO much personality. At your 6 month checkup you weighed 15lbs 13oz. As your doctor was checking you out, he kept commenting on how you were studying him and your alertness. He said you seemed more like a 12 month old in how you were acting. I don't say that to brag on you, but more to let you know your personality. Kiddo, you are so smart and witty already. I can't imagine what we are in for in the coming years. You still aren't close to crawling, and for the most part, I think you are ok with that. You think your brother is so awesome, and I know you'd like to be doing everything that he's doing though. We just started food, and currently you have no interest what so ever. Most of the time when I feed you, you just put your paci in your mouth and then refuse to take any more food. So far you like sweet potatoes the most, but we've only tried a couple things with you. Our busy schedule has thrown your naps off pretty badly, and night sleep is still rough, but we are trying to work on both. You have truly thrown both daddy and myself for a loop in this area. Simply put, you are teaching us lots. ;)
On to 7 months! We love you more each day.
love, mommy

7 months:
Dear Sloane,
You are now 7 months old! In the last month you have decided that you LOVE food. You want a bite of anything we are eating, and usually we oblige. We had frozen yogurt as a treat last night, and in true second child fashion, you begged some off all three of us. We've also learned that we can't have a drink in front of you unless we are planning to share.
One of your favorite things is watching your brother and laughing at everything he does. I love that you like to sit in your high chair and play or eat while I'm able to get some stuff done in the kitchen. Many times this happens over lunch, so that has become a sweet time for you and Egan.
It's also clear that Egan is your favorite member of the family when you do everything in your power to get his attention. You cough, scream, babble, bounce and anything else you can think to do. I love that you have a fantastic brother as a role model that LOVES you. I pray you both grow into a man and woman of God.
I have to say that we are still struggling a bit with sleep... how can it be?! I took you to the doctor recently after you spent many nights with a lot of wake time. I just wanted to make sure you didn't have an ear infection or anything... and nope! You were all healthy! He said you had quite the case of manipulation. ;) Since then, you've been slowly improving.
You are still not moving, and I think that you are getting a bit frustrated being stuck these days. So, on one hand I'm not ready for you to crawl and find all sorts of tiny things you shouldn't, but on the other, I think you are ready to have a bit of freedom.
Sweet Sloane, you are far from a "chill" baby. Instead, your personality is quite spicy. I have no idea where you could've gotten that. ;) I pray we can guide you in such a way you will use your zeal for good. We can already tell you aren't the type to just watch the world go by, so my dear daughter, take it on! We couldn't be more proud.