Thursday, September 20, 2012

the moves like Jagger

Egan's uncle Sean (Blake's brother) got married last weekend.  (Congrats guys!) Egan took it upon himself to steal the show for himself.  Where did he learn these moves?  I don't know. Here in a few years he probably won't think it is so funny… or maybe he will.  Enjoy.


The outfit? Cuuuuute.  Our lifestyle doesn't so much have a need for fancy clothes… at least for Egan.  So, when we were at a children's store recently and Egan asked for a tie, both Blake and I were SHOCKED, but told him we could look for one for him to wear at Christmas.  He was ok with that, but when I saw this outfit a few weeks later, I knew it was a must… It was a tie, just like he wanted (and a real one at that!), a vest (that was a hoodie!), a cute button-down shirt (with buttons to help roll them up!) and a pair of jeans.  It fits his style perfectly!  He felt like HOT STUFF with his tie "like daddy".  Oh, and his hair.  He got it cut the morning of the wedding and now likes it "all spiky".

My little date:

IMG 2821

IMG 2825  1IMG 2826

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