Monday, September 10, 2012

Not totally sure why, but it was fun...

Last week Blake had a milestone birthday.  He turned 30!  We planned a fun family day to celebrate him with his choice of homemade dinner, stuffed pork loin. yum!  Egan and I also asked him what kind of cake he'd like, which he decided on a carrot cake.  Egan and I set out to the grocery store to get everything needed, and somewhere along the way, Egan decided it MUST be a "kitty cat cake". Fortunately, Blake was a good sport and allowed Egan to dictate the cake.

In the end, he had to compromise a bit because I didn't have the yellow color I thought I did to tint the icing.  Oh, and I put eyes on it.  Our finished masterpiece.

IMG 6957

The ceremonial blowing of the candles. I didn't have 30 candles, so we settled on three curvy ones… on Egan's insistence.  You guys, Egan had an idea of what he wanted for daddy and wouldn't settle for anything different. He was into this!IMG 6961IMG 6964

Success… He was able to blow out all the candles at once.  Egan's response?  "Woah, that's a lot of smoke!"  Imagine if we actually did 30 candles!IMG 6966

We had a fun birthday week and followed up this celebration with a little mini vacation.  More on that to come!

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