Monday, September 10, 2012

a first for Sloane

Sloane finally got her first taste of food. I thought she might like the taste of rice cereal to start since it tastes like her milk, but as you will see I was WRONG. (but what's new?)

We were all smiles before the first taste.

IMG 7069IMG 7072IMG 7074

Giggling at her brother.IMG 7079

Noooooot so sure about this first bite.
IMG 7082IMG 7086

Again, still thinking about it.IMG 7089

And, verdict is in.  She's NOT a fan. In fact, she refused to let me get close to her with the stuff after this. IMG 7087

Thinking back, Egan was the same way.  Never really a fan of the "cereal".  He much preferred all the other foods I offered.  On to something else, and we will add the cereal to something with a bit more flavor!

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