Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Christmas Portraits

I'm offering Christmas Portrait Mini-Sessions again this year, and I'm offering 3 dates! Friday, October 12 (Just opened this one up!), Saturday October 27, and Saturday November 17.  Prime slots are starting to fill up, so let me know if you want to grab one. (info at sawyerphotostudio dot com)
Here are some examples of Christmas cards from last year.  All are designed custom... Just for you!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

the moves like Jagger

Egan's uncle Sean (Blake's brother) got married last weekend.  (Congrats guys!) Egan took it upon himself to steal the show for himself.  Where did he learn these moves?  I don't know. Here in a few years he probably won't think it is so funny… or maybe he will.  Enjoy.


The outfit? Cuuuuute.  Our lifestyle doesn't so much have a need for fancy clothes… at least for Egan.  So, when we were at a children's store recently and Egan asked for a tie, both Blake and I were SHOCKED, but told him we could look for one for him to wear at Christmas.  He was ok with that, but when I saw this outfit a few weeks later, I knew it was a must… It was a tie, just like he wanted (and a real one at that!), a vest (that was a hoodie!), a cute button-down shirt (with buttons to help roll them up!) and a pair of jeans.  It fits his style perfectly!  He felt like HOT STUFF with his tie "like daddy".  Oh, and his hair.  He got it cut the morning of the wedding and now likes it "all spiky".

My little date:

IMG 2821

IMG 2825  1IMG 2826

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

watching football with dad

Well, at least I think HE was watching football.  She was too busy grinning and smiling.

IMG 7099IMG 7107IMG 7113


Friday, September 14, 2012

Our quiet afternoon

After Egan's first day of school, we spent a quiet afternoon at home just relaxing.  Egan was sitting watching a show, and asked if he could hold Sloane and watch it with her.  Of course I said yes!
IMG 7003
He even shared his newly earned car with her.  She was pretty pleased to be holding her brother's toy.
IMG 7025
He also showed her what to do with it.IMG 7033
He also took a stab at teaching her how to be silly in pictures.  Toot!IMG 7055
(Yes, we got a new sofa!  I'll share more about it soon!)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

First day

Well, it's that time!  Egan is going to pre-school this year.  It's just one day a week, but we are thrilled for him!  Last week, he had his first day, and allowed me to snap a few pictures.
IMG 6974
He's got quite a few friends in his class, and was already settled into a game of cars and airplanes with them before I even left his classroom. He had a great first day! I love having my boy at home, but also know it is so good for him to learn to take direction from teachers, and not just Blake and me.  It also gives me some special one on one time with Sloane.  It's a win win!  Anyway, he had nothing but great things to say about his school, teachers and friends, and even came home wearing the same clothes he went to school in!  Huge success if you know what I mean! ;)IMG 6992IMG 6995IMG 6996

Monday, September 10, 2012

a first for Sloane

Sloane finally got her first taste of food. I thought she might like the taste of rice cereal to start since it tastes like her milk, but as you will see I was WRONG. (but what's new?)

We were all smiles before the first taste.

IMG 7069IMG 7072IMG 7074

Giggling at her brother.IMG 7079

Noooooot so sure about this first bite.
IMG 7082IMG 7086

Again, still thinking about it.IMG 7089

And, verdict is in.  She's NOT a fan. In fact, she refused to let me get close to her with the stuff after this. IMG 7087

Thinking back, Egan was the same way.  Never really a fan of the "cereal".  He much preferred all the other foods I offered.  On to something else, and we will add the cereal to something with a bit more flavor!

Not totally sure why, but it was fun...

Last week Blake had a milestone birthday.  He turned 30!  We planned a fun family day to celebrate him with his choice of homemade dinner, stuffed pork loin. yum!  Egan and I also asked him what kind of cake he'd like, which he decided on a carrot cake.  Egan and I set out to the grocery store to get everything needed, and somewhere along the way, Egan decided it MUST be a "kitty cat cake". Fortunately, Blake was a good sport and allowed Egan to dictate the cake.

In the end, he had to compromise a bit because I didn't have the yellow color I thought I did to tint the icing.  Oh, and I put eyes on it.  Our finished masterpiece.

IMG 6957

The ceremonial blowing of the candles. I didn't have 30 candles, so we settled on three curvy ones… on Egan's insistence.  You guys, Egan had an idea of what he wanted for daddy and wouldn't settle for anything different. He was into this!IMG 6961IMG 6964

Success… He was able to blow out all the candles at once.  Egan's response?  "Woah, that's a lot of smoke!"  Imagine if we actually did 30 candles!IMG 6966

We had a fun birthday week and followed up this celebration with a little mini vacation.  More on that to come!