Monday, August 13, 2012

some recent funnies in video form

The first one was a couple weeks ago, but too funny not to share on the blog.  Egan has a routine before each bedtime where he wants a "boom" (fist pound), five, hug and kiss.  He's very particular about this.  This particular night I thought we did those things, but apparently didn't before leaving his room, so instead of him going right to sleep, he decided to play around a bit.  So, after giving him some time to settle down, I used the intercom on our monitor to ask him to do so.  That is where the video picks up.

Once I fulfilled our routine, he went right to sleep.  My favorite part?  "I'm not playing with you."  Where does he learn these things?!

Next up, Sloane and her newest most favorite trick.

Egan has made huge progress on his bike!  He's actually even improved more since this video was taken... meaning he can actually watch where he is going!

I thought I'd already shared this last one, but I can't find that I did anywhere, and it was too funny not to post.  A couple weeks ago Egan was obsessed with the idea of eating spaghetti and meatballs, so I got the stuff to make it for him and did.  That was a Monday.  I kid you not, he asked for meatballs or spaghetti and meatballs for every meal including breakfast for DAYS.  He didn't get it for all those meals, but that didn't hinder his asking!

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