Tuesday, August 14, 2012

more of the same

So, I know… more pictures of my kids, but hey, they are being sweet and loving one another, and more than anything else, this blog is our form of scrapbooking, and our daily life consists of me + two kids hanging out, shuffling naps, and outings here and there.  90% of the time (ok, maybe more like 99.5%) egan isn't wearing pants and I may or may not have showered (ok, probably not), but we are having fun!

Egan has really always been sweet with Sloane, but as she is  more able to sit on her own (well, not quite on her own, but doesn't need much propping), Egan is asking more and more if he can hold her. My answer? Always yes.

Yesterday, as he got up from his nap, he asked to hold her, but this time he actually meant he wanted her to sit next to him and hold her hand. awwwww.

IMG 6521  1

IMG 6531  3
IMG 6561  1IMG 6564  1


Long after Egan was done, Sloane was happy to sit and stare at me…

IMG 6571  1

Even sharing a few smiles.

IMG 6584  1

Which, by the way, she just turned 5 months today, but since I just realized that, no 5 month post yet.  Happy 5 months little one!

IMG 6609  1

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