Sunday, August 26, 2012

cause he's only a kid once

We got some unexpected rain today (mostly unexpected because I don't typically watch the weather), and while we were passing the time till Blake got home, we stepped out on the front porch to watch the rain.  Egan really wanted to "touch the rain", so I let him. Then I realized this was the perfect opportunity to burn some energy, so I let him run out in it.  He had the most fun with a little puddle that was forming on an uneven part of the sidewalk.  So, while I held Sloane and my very large camera, I snapped away at him having such a good time.

IMG 6654

At the beginning, the rain was really coming down.  Our neighbors were out loading some stuff in their car and I'm pretty sure thought I was crazy for having an underwear clad boy out IN the rain.IMG 6672IMG 6674

And that's ok, cause he loved every second of it.IMG 6690

Check for childhood memory!IMG 6694IMG 6704IMG 6720

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