Thursday, August 2, 2012

4 months

…And once again I'm behind on this, but I'm determined to at least get through the first year for Sloane, so on with month 4!

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Dear Sloane, my sweet little chunk.

You have been so much fun the last month. Your smiles now happen all the time, and you even share sweet giggles here and there. You now love playing with toys all the time, laying on your play mat, sitting in your bouncy seat (and playing with the hanging toys), swing and the new big thrill… the exersaucer.  You don't actually love the exersaucer for long periods of time, but do ok in it for a few minutes here and there. Of course you love being held as well, and you get lots of that.  You love watching Egan, and I'm pretty sure he will have you getting into trouble in no time.  Brothers are the best!

We are still struggling with sleep a bit… mostly at night. I'm not sure if we should like the paci or not.  You sure love it, but aren't such a happy camper if it isn't in your mouth.  I've decided that I don't think you are really hungry at night, so we are trying to get rid of that feeding.  I sure enjoy our quiet snuggle time though!

At your 4 month visit at the doctor, you weighed 14lbs 3oz which is a little smaller than Egan at this age, but puts you in the 70% of girls. When we were reviewing your milestones with the nurse, she asked if you were cooing and blowing bubbles.  As if on cue, you started doing both, answering her question for me.

You've been doing pretty well in the nursery at work from what I hear, which I'm very thankful for!  It seems, though, that you aren't such a fan of taking a bottle from daddy.  Currently mommy is still your favorite, and since I know that will end soon when you realize your daddy is a pretty cool guy, I'll just soak it up.

Probably the biggest change we've made this week is losing the swaddle.  You loved that swaddle, but really made that transition beautifully, and while you still aren't sleeping fantastically, it hasn't gone downhill one bit!  You are now so big sleeping in a zip up sleep sack!

Sloane, you are a light and a joy in our family, and we are so blessed by your sweet spirit and smiles.  Looking forward to month 5 with you!



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