Sunday, August 26, 2012

cause he's only a kid once

We got some unexpected rain today (mostly unexpected because I don't typically watch the weather), and while we were passing the time till Blake got home, we stepped out on the front porch to watch the rain.  Egan really wanted to "touch the rain", so I let him. Then I realized this was the perfect opportunity to burn some energy, so I let him run out in it.  He had the most fun with a little puddle that was forming on an uneven part of the sidewalk.  So, while I held Sloane and my very large camera, I snapped away at him having such a good time.

IMG 6654

At the beginning, the rain was really coming down.  Our neighbors were out loading some stuff in their car and I'm pretty sure thought I was crazy for having an underwear clad boy out IN the rain.IMG 6672IMG 6674

And that's ok, cause he loved every second of it.IMG 6690

Check for childhood memory!IMG 6694IMG 6704IMG 6720

Monday, August 20, 2012

Serious art

I asked Egan if he wanted to learn something new last week, which of course he said "Yes!" So, I went and grabbed a little pair of (real!) scissors and some colored art foam. I showed him how to hold the scissors and let him pick some colors of foam.  He went to town cutting it in to tiny pieces.  He even managed to not cut his hair or any other body part… this time.  The safety goggles?  Totally his idea.  As soon as he saw the supplies I was gathering, he went and got those himself.

IMG 6627
IMG 6625

Once he had done enough cutting, I got out a bottle of clue and showed him how to put a tiny dot on the background and stick the small pieces on top.  He got a little crazy with the glue, so the art pieces took some extra time to dry, but that's ok.IMG 6612

I don't know if I've ever seen him so proud of his art. He was thrilled to say the least.IMG 6622IMG 6617

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

more of the same

So, I know… more pictures of my kids, but hey, they are being sweet and loving one another, and more than anything else, this blog is our form of scrapbooking, and our daily life consists of me + two kids hanging out, shuffling naps, and outings here and there.  90% of the time (ok, maybe more like 99.5%) egan isn't wearing pants and I may or may not have showered (ok, probably not), but we are having fun!

Egan has really always been sweet with Sloane, but as she is  more able to sit on her own (well, not quite on her own, but doesn't need much propping), Egan is asking more and more if he can hold her. My answer? Always yes.

Yesterday, as he got up from his nap, he asked to hold her, but this time he actually meant he wanted her to sit next to him and hold her hand. awwwww.

IMG 6521  1

IMG 6531  3
IMG 6561  1IMG 6564  1


Long after Egan was done, Sloane was happy to sit and stare at me…

IMG 6571  1

Even sharing a few smiles.

IMG 6584  1

Which, by the way, she just turned 5 months today, but since I just realized that, no 5 month post yet.  Happy 5 months little one!

IMG 6609  1

Monday, August 13, 2012

some recent funnies in video form

The first one was a couple weeks ago, but too funny not to share on the blog.  Egan has a routine before each bedtime where he wants a "boom" (fist pound), five, hug and kiss.  He's very particular about this.  This particular night I thought we did those things, but apparently didn't before leaving his room, so instead of him going right to sleep, he decided to play around a bit.  So, after giving him some time to settle down, I used the intercom on our monitor to ask him to do so.  That is where the video picks up.

Once I fulfilled our routine, he went right to sleep.  My favorite part?  "I'm not playing with you."  Where does he learn these things?!

Next up, Sloane and her newest most favorite trick.

Egan has made huge progress on his bike!  He's actually even improved more since this video was taken... meaning he can actually watch where he is going!

I thought I'd already shared this last one, but I can't find that I did anywhere, and it was too funny not to post.  A couple weeks ago Egan was obsessed with the idea of eating spaghetti and meatballs, so I got the stuff to make it for him and did.  That was a Monday.  I kid you not, he asked for meatballs or spaghetti and meatballs for every meal including breakfast for DAYS.  He didn't get it for all those meals, but that didn't hinder his asking!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

truly sweet

Sloane, Egan and I were hanging out earlier this week and letting Sloane practice laying on her tummy… not one of her favorite things to do, but she was cooperating.  I've said it before, but I'm doing my best to raise a "sitter".  With Egan, we never had those glorious days where you would sit him with some toys and he'd happily play AND NOT MOVE.  Lots of friend's kids had that phase.  For many, that phase lasted months!  When you crawl at 6 months and start pulling to standing at 7 months… there is NO joyful sitting phase. That said, we haven't worked too hard to encourage crawling in Sloane.  Believe me, she will do it (long before I'm ready and soon, I'm sure, she's strong!)  For now, though, she's staying still, and is as cute as can be.
IMG 6431
IMG 6447
Egan even thinks she's cute when she bonks him in the head.  He really just likes that she is interacting with him these days.
IMG 6460
IMG 6470
IMG 6480
Since Egan was game for a few pictures, I took advantage and snapped away.
IMG 6482
IMG 6484
Finally Sloane joined in for the fun.  Doesn't she look so big here!?
IMG 6489
I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I'm one blessed mommy to have these two kids! Now, if this isn't a pinch yourself moment, I don't know what is!
IMG 6496

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunday afternoon storytime

It was a Sunday afternoon snuggle time on the couch with a book, daddy, kids and Maggie.

IMG 6273

Both kids love a good story...

IMG 6274

And this one happen to be extra fun to read with Daddy because we think he's a pretty great guy.IMG 6290

Maggie, not usually a snuggler, even jumped in for the lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch.IMG 6294

Thursday, August 2, 2012

4 months

…And once again I'm behind on this, but I'm determined to at least get through the first year for Sloane, so on with month 4!

IMG 6227

IMG 6241

Dear Sloane, my sweet little chunk.

You have been so much fun the last month. Your smiles now happen all the time, and you even share sweet giggles here and there. You now love playing with toys all the time, laying on your play mat, sitting in your bouncy seat (and playing with the hanging toys), swing and the new big thrill… the exersaucer.  You don't actually love the exersaucer for long periods of time, but do ok in it for a few minutes here and there. Of course you love being held as well, and you get lots of that.  You love watching Egan, and I'm pretty sure he will have you getting into trouble in no time.  Brothers are the best!

We are still struggling with sleep a bit… mostly at night. I'm not sure if we should like the paci or not.  You sure love it, but aren't such a happy camper if it isn't in your mouth.  I've decided that I don't think you are really hungry at night, so we are trying to get rid of that feeding.  I sure enjoy our quiet snuggle time though!

At your 4 month visit at the doctor, you weighed 14lbs 3oz which is a little smaller than Egan at this age, but puts you in the 70% of girls. When we were reviewing your milestones with the nurse, she asked if you were cooing and blowing bubbles.  As if on cue, you started doing both, answering her question for me.

You've been doing pretty well in the nursery at work from what I hear, which I'm very thankful for!  It seems, though, that you aren't such a fan of taking a bottle from daddy.  Currently mommy is still your favorite, and since I know that will end soon when you realize your daddy is a pretty cool guy, I'll just soak it up.

Probably the biggest change we've made this week is losing the swaddle.  You loved that swaddle, but really made that transition beautifully, and while you still aren't sleeping fantastically, it hasn't gone downhill one bit!  You are now so big sleeping in a zip up sleep sack!

Sloane, you are a light and a joy in our family, and we are so blessed by your sweet spirit and smiles.  Looking forward to month 5 with you!



IMG 6318IMG 6324

IMG 6345IMG 6390