Saturday, July 28, 2012

the view from here…

… from the iPhone. The pictures may not be fantastic quality, but here's a glimpse into our last few weeks.
The Safari Park with the playgroup.
IMG 2247
Egan and Marshall playing air hockey.  If there is air hockey, somehow these two always locate it.
IMG 2254
Chick-fil-a with buddies!  Marshall and Egan eating after a long morning playing.  I don't think either of them said 3 words.IMG 2256
Lots of afternoons spent in our backyard pool...IMG 2232
with water guns!IMG 2238
We've taken lots of silly pictures to send to daddy… usually while we are trying to pass the afternoon till he comes home.IMG 2284
Took an adventure through our backyard and also through our neighbor's and into their front yard to watch the street torn apart.  It's not creepy at all for us to sit there on a bench and watch, right?IMG 2265
Sloane learned to sit in a big chair.IMG 2292
And play the drums.IMG 2261
There was more time in the pool...IMG 2339  1IMG 2330
with a new big water gun we found on clearance at target.IMG 2328
Sloane and I watched as we typically do.IMG 2354
IMG 2348IMG 2347  1
Ate popsicles!IMG 2360And went to Chick fil a for cow appreciation day.  We even saw 3 other families we knew there… all dressed as cows.
2012 07 13 17 49 58
Unfortunately my cousin passed away, so we spent a day visiting with family where we got to see my Mimi and lots of others who don't live nearby.  We were sad to be making the trip under the circumstances, but always love seeing those we don't often get to spend time with.
2012 07 16 18 11 16
Blake has been working a conference, which has meant lots of hours at work, so last night meant Peter Pan and popcorn before bed.
IMG 2379
Sloane learned to kick and really use that bouncy seat.
IMG 2378
We took more silly pictures to send to daddy.IMG 2393
And phew… someone woke up super early from her last nap… which meant a LOOOOOONG stretch before bed.  She didn't make it.IMG 2388
A new day… a new picture to send to daddy.
IMG 2411
We also made some cardboard race tracks for Egan to drive his cars on.
IMG 2414
And eventually, we broke out a kit to build this air powered car.
IMG 2415  1
I helped him build it, but he has had a blast pumping it up and sending it sailing across the floor.  What a fun toy!
IMG 2416
And finally, if you've ever had to put Egan to bed, you know about "Jeremiah".  He is Egan's frog lovie… named by Blake (Jeremiah the Bullfrog).  Egan sleeps with him every night, and has since he was just a little older than Sloane.  Don't tell him, but there are actually two that we rotate.  I think he figured that out at one point when he yelled from his room that he wanted the "real Jeremiah" not the "other Jeremiah".  I thought for sure he would then refuse Jeremiah forever, but somehow I convinced him that "other Jeremiah" was in fact "real Jeremiah".  It's important that both are never in sight at the same time.  Anyway, we thought it was time that Sloane had her own lovie, so I picked this up at the store yesterday.  Well, actually I got two so we have a spare.  When I got home and showed one to Egan, he instantly said, "Look, It is Sloane's Jeremiah!" We let him know that only he had Jeremiah, and that we'd call Sloane's blanket Alice.  So, welcome to the family, Alice (and Alice 2.)
IMG 2419
It's been a crazy month here to say the least, but this should get us all caught up!  Thankful for the ever present iPhone to keep up with snapshots of everyday life!

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