Wednesday, July 25, 2012

egan at 3.25 years

We were long overdue for some new pictures of Egan, so I took him outside while Sloane was napping the other day and bribed him to smile with some jelly beans.  It worked.

IMG 6143

As you can see from these pictures, he's growing up, but what you can't see is his sweet heart and quick wit. He's always saying something that keeps us on our toes, and he loves his sister with all that he has.  He is quick to sing to her, replace her paci, give her lots of snuggles, and smother her with kisses.  We are far from perfect in our family, but we have been blessed with two amazing kids.  Egan also loves his friends and asks daily to see them… many times running up and hugging them when he sees them.  The best part?  I don't think I taught him any of those things.  It is just who he is!

IMG 6190

Like all three year olds, he has a silly side too… which I think is just as great.

IMG 6148IMG 6156

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