Tuesday, July 3, 2012

cabin fever

We've been a bit (or a lot) under the weather here lately.  I got sick last week which had me down most of the week.  Then, Egan followed right behind me.  Needless to say, we've been home… a lot.  Egan finally started feeling better, so today we did lots of fun stuff. During one of Sloane's naps, we did some painting.

IMG 6016IMG 6021

Where we learned that blue paint plus yellow paint makes… GREEN!
IMG 6027

Egan also asked if we could make some hand prints, so we did.
IMG 6028

Egan smiling… sort of… with his work of art.  This is why I keep various pieces of cardboard handy! IMG 6030

We also did some water play today.  In my box 'o' tricks, I found an empty glue bottle.  Egan thought that was a pretty fun water gun. (That was this morning.) Then, this afternoon, he got back in the water with what I think is possibly the best happy meal toy ever.  It's a little double barrel water gun that we got from Sonic a little while ago.  Egan loves it.  I love that he can refill it on his own.


It's been fun times here today!


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