Friday, June 29, 2012

Wheeeeere did I leave this?

Back to our Colorado trip...

Wednesday was a free day to spend together as a family.  We decided to go into Rocky Mountain National Park… right by Estes Park.  We asked around for something family friendly knowing we wouldn't be doing a ton of hiking with Egan walking.  The suggestion we kept hearing was to go to Bear Lake, but the road into the area closed for traffic at 9.  Well, we didn't make it in time, so we didn't get to do that on Wednesday.  Instead, we checked out several different parts of the Park.  First was this little area suggested by the Park Ranger as a good, family place in the park to visit.  The view was nice.

IMG 5268

Sloane wasn't a happy camper, so as Blake worked to get her calm, I took a few pictures of Egan exploring the area.IMG 5248

Once Sloane finally calmed down and had a little milk, she got to go for a ride in the ergo. Egan asked to take Sloane and my picture.  Pretty good, huh? (Blake was holding and helping him a bit.  My camera weighs about as much as he does.)

IMG 5298

Then, I asked him to get in a picture with me, which surprisingly… he did! (Last time for the trip, by the way.)

IMG 5300

A pic with daddy?  No thank you!

IMG 5303

So, off we went on our hike.  Egan and daddy hunting for butterflies, which Egan actually caught one… bare handed.  Just call him the Karate Kid.

IMG 5308

Egan exploring the beautiful landscape… looking for horses (we saw tracks), and spotting them off in the distance.

IMG 5312

The story of our lives these days… Egan: "No thank you picture." and Sloane: sleeping.  Mom and Dad: thrilled with life.

IMG 5319

IMG 5332

Now, here's where I'll admit to fellow photogs out there that this was not a photography trip. (Shocking, I know… right?) So, with two kids in tow… one who screams every time the car slows down (you think I'm kidding… I'm not), we weren't able to actually STOP and take pictures of the beauty.  Instead, they were taken from a moving car. Not my favorite, but tis life at this point!IMG 5347

Our next stop was a little creek we stumbled upon.  We didn't really plan our trip, we just explored and enjoyed things as they came along. Sloane and Blake walking along the creek.

IMG 5360

And Egan wanting to touch it.

IMG 5365

Again, Sloane hanging with Blake while Egan threw rocks in the water.

IMG 5406

IMG 5418

Really, throwing rocks, touching water, exploring trails and getting dirty = fun for little boys!

IMG 5423

Next up, a short hike to a cool waterfall.

IMG 5488

I'll be honest, this seemed much more impressive in person. Oh well.

Pretty much this is a repeat of previous pictures in a new location.  Egan: "No thank you picture."

IMG 5504

Sloane: Sleeping

IMG 5508

Egan throws lots of rocks in water.

IMG 5523IMG 5527

And repeat… Egan: "No thank you picture." Sloane: Sleeping.

IMG 5541

Throw some rocks.

IMG 5537

IMG 5545


IMG 5551

We had a blast together as a family and our exploring wasn't even done!  My most favorite part of the trip up next!  Here's a sneak peak.

IMG 5579

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