Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the end of an era

Well, we have some sad news to share. Last week we had to say goodbye to Bo. He'd gotten in pretty rough shape here recently and we knew it was time. That said, it didn't really make goodbye any easier.  I got Bo back when I was in high school.  From the beginning, he was a little firecracker. He even walked right up to a fence to see the horses the lived across the street from my parents years ago  When he was just a few months old, he'd already learned lots of tricks which we called "the Bo show." He also had a huge vocabulary.  He'd bark when he wanted something, and I'd go through the list of typical things till he barked with a "yes!"  That could be both annoying and fun, as he never had to go without what he wanted, but he was also pretty demanding.  Actually, he was still doing this even last week. 
The first time I brought Blake home to meet my family, Bo was starring on stage as Toto in The Wizard of Oz back at my old high school. A few years later, when Blake asked my dad if he could marry me, instead of a simple "yes", Blake heard, "You know she comes with a dog, right?" (Ironically, that was the same thing my grandpa told my dad when he asked if he could marry my mom.  That dog's name was Muttly.  Enough said.)  Thankfully, Blake agreed to take us both. ;)  Here are the two of them shortly after we got married.
This was our first Christmas as a family with Bo and his stocking.  The monkey in there became one of his two favorite toys.  We still have several at our house, actually.
Bo moved with us to NYC... country dog became city dog. The Upper East Side, where we lived, was a dog friendly place to be.  He walked with us to many stores and was out and about a lot.  He even got to go to see the tree lighting with us at Rockafeller Center.  On our many visits with family back in Texas, he typically flew with us in his little bag.  In the beginning, it was like there was a tasmanian devil in the bag, but over time he became more accustomed to traveling. 
We lived less than a block from a park on the East River where there was a little dog area.  We went often to let Bo run around, but he really liked walking through the park on a leash to check out all the sights and smells the best.
One of our many picnics in the park.
When we moved to California, Bo was along for the adventure.  That is the Pacific ocean behind us.
While in California, we took Bo with us on a kayaking trip in Monterrey Bay.  The water was too cold to swim, but it was fun to see the seals swimming all around us!

Then, when we moved from California to Texas, Bo was again along for that ride as well.  Here we are with his beloved hotdog.

 When Egan finally came along, Bo greeted him as soon as he got home from the hospital.  It turned out having a baby in the house would be quite the adjustment for him, but with time he did great.

 Eventually, Maggie joined our family.  She and Bo became fast friends as long as she didn't get close to his food.
Bo was also around to welcome Sloane home, though he didn't find her quite as perplexing as he did when Egan first arrived. He'd become so accustomed to Egan moving so fast around the house that a baby that cried every so often was no big deal.
I have more I could share, but I'll stop here and share a few classic Bo videos. 
(When you click on a video, move you mouse off the video so you can read all the subtitles.  Otherwise the bottom will be cut off.)
(In this video, we'd purchased a new toy hotdog and put it up on our desk till the old one got torn up... One day he had the new toy and we couldn't figure out how he got it.  Here's what he did...)
I could go on and on with stories of Bo, but many of you already know them and I'm sure I've maxed out myself on the amount of pictures in one post.  
There is now a Bo shaped hole in our family that we are all trying to get used to. He was always up for an adventure and as a result, he lived a very full life with many experiences that other dogs miss. He was a special dog and we will alway miss him.  
Bo, we love you!

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