Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A big trip to "Ca-da-rado"

We've been a little MIA for the last few weeks. Between the bathroom remodel (no, it still isn't done… but I'll share when it is!) and preparing for our big trip to colorado, we've been BUSY!  Our church does a family camp in Estes Park Colorado and Blake was doing the sound and technical stuff this year.  The kids and I were fortunate enough to tag along.  Blake left a week and a half ago on a Friday to drive the big truck loaded with sound gear and all sorts of other stuff… and the kids and I followed along by plane on Saturday.  Sloane still isn't doing fantastic in the car, so the short flight seemed like the best option for us.  It made for a long day by the time we got our rental car and drove 2 hours into the mountains, but I was still thankful it wasn't a 16 hour drive with a screamer! ;)

This is one of the only pictures I took of our trip there… I guess you could say I had my hands full. Egan had some animal cracker snacks during takeoff and then played some iPhone and iPad games for the rest of the flight.  My favorite quote from Egan was during some major turbulence as we neared Denver.  It was probably one of the roughest flights I've ever experienced, and I was a bit worried with how Egan would respond. Thankfully, he turned to me and said, "Woah!  This is SO fun!"  At that moment I could relax a bit as we still had 30 minutes left in our flight.

IMG 2092

Overall, the kids did great on the plane.  The real adventure started as we got off the plane, actually.  We took a train to the terminal where the baggage claim was located, and then once we collected our car seats and stroller, we took a bus to the rental car area. Egan was a huge help and was so sweet the whole time.  Once we finally got the car seats installed, we headed toward the mountains!  By this time Sloane was DONE with traveling, so we had her "sweet" soundtrack as our traveling music.  Egan was sweet to sing to her to try to calm her down, but it didn't work. We finally made it to our destination and found Blake.  It was far past bedtime, so we got the kids down and settled as quickly as we could. The following morning we made it to breakfast, and then Egan helped Blake with some of the setup.

I've never been so ready for nap time to finally roll around… and both Egan and Sloane went to sleep without a peep. This nap time brought to you by a crazy travel day!

IMG 2099

Monday morning was the first class time for Egan and while he didn't really want to be dropped off at first, he did great once he was there.  Everyday, he would come out of class telling me all about the fun stuff he learned.

Monday afternoon there was a game time for the families.  Egan was probably a little small to participate on his own, but he and Blake teamed up and had fun.  Sloane was napping in the carrier on my chest, so she and I hung back and watched the boys play.

IMG 5172

IMG 5176IMG 5186IMG 5189

IMG 5200

IMG 5207

Every evening there was a family time where all the kids got to join in for some crazy singing and skits.  If you ask Egan his favorite thing about Estes Park, he will tell you it was "The Waggles"… specifically the blue guy.  He's still singing the songs and doing the dances, in fact.  In his own words, "They shake their hands too much." (He just means they shake their hands a lot… not necessarily too much.) If he liked that… he will love WM student ministries!  He also loved the fun camp songs.  Strangely enough, they are still the same songs I sang at camp as a student.  He spent most of the singing time on my shoulders so he wouldn't be trampled by the bigger kids. (Blake was busy being the sound guy.) He'd never before experienced anything like that, and it was so much fun

IMG 2109

If you ask Egan about his other favorites, he will tell you about the little tiny marshmallows he ate, and the ball he played with in class.  Forget about the beautiful scenery and fun games I know they played in class… or seeing the wildlife we saw in Rocky Mountain National Park (next post). The things that make an impression on that boy puzzle me, but I love the simplicity with which he looks at life.

I just realized Sloane didn't make it in any of the pictures thus far… I promise she was there!  Here she is with Egan and Blake after nap time one day. (Egan was having a little snack and iPad time.)

IMG 5210

And playing in her favorite baby gym.

IMG 5214


IMG 5239

I've got a lot more to share from our trip, but I'll stop here for now and share about our trip(s) to Rocky Mountain National Park next!

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