Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 months

dear sloane,

Well, I knew it would happen… I'm officially behind on writing this.  You've had a big third month though!  We had two trips away from home this month.  Your first was while daddy was working on remodeling the bathroom.  We got out so he could get more work done and we wouldn't be in his way.  While we were away, though, we had some fun with your first outing on a boat (you were not a fan of the lifejacket or wind, but otherwise did well), and we also visited Fossil Rim to see lots of fun animals! Let's be honest… you really didn't care too much that there were zebras and other animals eating food from the car windows, but Egan had a blast.  I also learned that you really don't like to be away from home without your bed.  The pack-n-play just doesn't cut it for you.  That made for some long nights!  Our second trip was to Estes Park, Colorado for our church's Family Camp.  You got to take your first ride on a plane!  You also got your first glimpse of snow and mountains.  Sleep, again, wasn't fantastic, but we made it through.  You even spent quite a bit of time in your class!  Since you are such a mommy's girl, I didn't expect you to stay in there much.  I was pleasantly surprised.

We've started getting a few baby toys out for you.  Your favorite thing is your play gym.  You love to lay and look up at your self in the mirror, watch the lights, listen to the music, and even grab at the toys hanging above you.  You also like to lay and watch Egan as he plays around you and talks to you about things. It is so cute.  You can now sit upright in your infant chair!  I think you are going to like that even more as time passes because you will be able to play with Egan more while sitting rather than laying.

Your smiles are happening all the time now and you've started "talking".  It is so precious to see and hear you happy.  We still have our fair share of unhappy moments, but I love how your little personality is starting to shine.

Sleep hasn't really improved this month.  I think our overnight trips away from home have been a big hinderance there, but hopefully we will begin to make strides again soon.  You are wearing various sizes in clothes ranging from 3-9 month.  I fault that mostly on various brands being different and your long torso.  I think you are about average in size for your age.

Sloane, you are such a sweet and fun baby and you are loved so much by Egan, Daddy, and me. The last three months have flown by, but we have enjoyed every second of our time with you.  We love you!




I haven't taken sloane's monthly picture on her quilt, but I'll get that done and post… Until then, here are some pictures from the last month.

Sloane and Egan playing.

IMG 5044

Sloane's favorite toy… her play gym.

IMG 5112

IMG 5143IMG 5239

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park! (Egan took this picture.)IMG 5298IMG 5405
IMG 5444

At the top of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.

IMG 5626
IMG 5728

Going for a stroll at Bear Lake.

IMG 5798  1

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