Saturday, June 30, 2012

welcome to sloane's crib

IMG 5904

Maggie would like to welcome you to Sloane's room for a little tour.  When I set out to decorate Sloane's room, I was a bit stumped with what direction I wanted to head, so I turned to fabric for inspiration.  When I came across this fabric by Anna Maria Horner, I knew this was it.  You will see this specific fabric as well as lots others throughout the room.

Large DP 353

I wanted a room that felt eclectic and not too "babyish" or "new", but with the clean lines that suit our family.  You will see that I took many things we already had and brought them into the room.  We also put Egan's crib to use in this room as well, and I think it fits perfectly. Enjoy!

IMG 5933

My crafty friend Jennifer made this cute S out of buttons for Sloane's door.  She talks about how she made them here. Thanks Jenn!
IMG 5907

Then, this is the view as you enter the room.  Sloane's room is pretty big for our small house, and since we need the spare bed, we decided to leave the full size bed in this room.  Eventually, it will be Sloane's bed.  Just remove the crib, do a little rearranging and we will be all set!IMG 5935IMG 5939

The clouds on the wall are one of my favorite things about the room.  They are actually fabric!  I'll do a tutorial sometime with more details, but just know they were SO easy.IMG 5844

We got this chair at Ikea and though it isn't truly a rocker, it is great for those night-time feedings, story time and sweet snuggles.  The koala is one that Egan made for Sloane before she was born and brought to her at the hospital.  Every time he sees it, he says, "I made that for Sloane!" So sweet.  The quilt is one that my mom and I made for Sloane.  It is approximately toddler sized, so much bigger than a standard baby quilt.  We use it all the time already for Sloane (and Egan) to play on, but she won't get to sleep with it for some time.  We also made a blanket for Egan before he was born.  He used it in his crib when he was big enough and still snuggles with it in his big boy bed.  I love that they have fun blankets that are just their own!IMG 5827

The front of the quilt is a subway tile pattern and the back is solid one of the fabrics from the front.  I also love the "quilting" stitch.  It is roses!IMG 5932

I've got a little table sitting next to the chair to hold bottles and such. I LOVE mercury glass, and originally had this bird sitting on my bedside table. I am happily sharing with Sloane for now.  The "S" tile was a gift when Blake and I were married almost 8 years ago.  Perfect for this nursery!
IMG 5910

We don't have an overhead light in this room currently, so I brought in a couple of tall lamps we already had so I could turn them on when I need more light.  If I'm honest, I think I had them in there for painting the walls, and never removed them.  They don't really get used much, but are nice when more light is needed.IMG 5941

Here's the mobile hanging above Sloane's bed.  How cool are the birds from Kenya?!  I think the color and feel are perfect for this room.
IMG 5862

Here's a peek into the crib. I just put the owl in for the pictures.  He's actually borrowed from Egan. Sloane doesn't have too many stuffed animals of her own quite yet, so Egan shared a few with her for the time being.  The sheets were made with some of the fabric I chose for the quilt.  I have the one pictured below as well as one made from the dot fabric (pictured above in the lower left corner.)  I had no idea it was going to be so easy to make a sheet for a crib!  I love that the sheets are so bright and fun!IMG 5866This is taken from the vantage point of the chair.  We purchased the dresser on Craig's list.  It's a vintage Drexel dresser that had been painted white.  It was in fantastic shape, and a great price.  I thought it would be perfect for this room and dreamed of it being yellow.  Blake wasn't so sure about the yellow, but trusted me to go bright!  I've also got Sloane's bouncy seat in there temporarily.  It gets moved around the house as we need it.  I bought it on clearance at Target before Sloane was born.  I never thought I'd use it as much as we have.  Sloane loves it.

IMG 5857

The mirror above the dresser was something I struggled with for a while.  I knew I wanted something big, but was having a hard time finding the right thing.  One day after a doctor appointment to check on Sloane, I went into a thrift store and found this one.  I called Blake to get the exact width of the dresser, and they were the same! Like exactly the same.  I bought it, and a nice guy carried it to the car for me in the rain.  I was, after all, 30 something weeks pregnant.  It was originally brown, but Blake taped off the mirror and primed and painted it white.  Love!

IMG 5946

Here's a closeup of the dresser.  Those are the original handles I painted white as well as the details around the drawer that I touched up with white after painting the dresser yellow.IMG 5897The lamp, a gift for Sloane, as well as a cute little Chinese lion sit on her dresser.

IMG 5893

As does this VERY important piece of equipment.  It's her sound machine.  When you live in a house like we do, a sound machine is pretty much necessary for sleep. :)

IMG 5894

Finally, the full sized bed. You can't quite see it with the pillows on the bed, but the headboard is one I found at a thrift store when we first moved to Dallas.  Then, I had this bed as our guest bed in Egan's first nursery in our apartment.  It was brown then… not yellow.  That's a new addition.IMG 5868The bedding is new for this bed.  I loved the layered look with a matelasse coverlet and duvet at the foot.

IMG 5899
The art on the wall was all pulled together from things already purchased.  I just reworked them a bit to suit the room.IMG 5927First, the big hanging is two vintage pictures from NYC.  I loved the nod to a city we dearly adore.  I actually found an old calendar in the bedroom as I was cleaning it out preparing for the nursery.  These were my two favorite of the city, so I took an old frame and had a new mat cut to fit the new (old) artwork!
IMG 5873
Then, I've got this plate hanging on the wall.  It was actually my great-grandmother's plate, and the color/style was just perfect.  The two canvases were some my grandmother had sitting at her house, so she passed them my way.  I used some home made mod-podge and scraps of fabric to transform them a bit.  The monkey is one I printed on my printer and glued on, and the bird on the top canvas is cut from fabric!
IMG 5922
I made a couple of pillows to put on the bed.  One I knew I had to do was the front one with a pocket on it.  Egan has one as well, and we plan to one day use it for the tooth fairy.  I made all the covers removable so they can be washed if needed. Key!  The cute little wool hippo was gifted to Egan, but Sloane is borrowing it for now, and the camel is from Dubai!
IMG 5875
Some more decor in the room.  We've had the white shelves since we were first married.  I think they originally came from Target.  I just touched them up with some fresh white paint and put some goodies inside!
IMG 5877
The pandas (a silk picture from China), my great-grandfather's old camera, a hand-made angel, wooden door picture and a cute lantern.
IMG 5876
With three windows in the room, I knew we needed some curtains to help darken the room, so, fortunately I found these (washable!) and the fun curtain rods to match.  Have I mentioned I love mercury glass?IMG 5882
Here's a little reading corner I created for Sloane to use as she gets older.  The pillows are all ones we already had.  I may eventually change out the teal ones, but I left them for now.  Since when do I need only matching things? (also, there is teal in some of the fabric in the room.)
IMG 5886
Finally, the last corner of the room.
IMG 5888
Just one picture hanging back there for now.  I'm working on something to hang Sloane's hair bows and accessories, but this is all for now.  It's a picture I found when we lived in NYC.  I couldn't resist adding it to this room as well.
IMG 5890
Oh, and the rug, just to add a bit of softness to our hardwood floored home.  Maggie says "thank you" for sticking around the tour this long!
IMG 5901It was a fun room to create for my little girl, and I really loved pulling everything together.  It was mostly done before Sloane was born, but somehow knowing her now, it just seems to fit her.  I love how that happens!
I mentioned a lot of this room was found that thrift stores or things I already had, but here are some details.
Wall Color:  Mink by Sherwin Williams.  I think it sets the perfect "girly" tone to the room.  I'd call it a girly gray.
Bed: Originally Egan's, called "Baby Miro", but I found this one that looks just like it.
Dresser: Craig's list find,  vintage Drexel repainted.
Mirror: Thrift store find… repainted.
Rug: Gislev, Ikea
Fabric:  Ordered from  Various prints by My Mind's Eye (So Sophie), Dewberry (Aviary 2 woodgrain) and Tina Givens (Lilliput Fields)
Chair: Poang, Ikea. (The cushion we got was clearance, so you probably won't find the exact same one.)
Bedding: Matelasse coverlet: Ordered from Linen Source, but it's been clearanced.  That's sad because I searched high and low for a purple one that was just the right shade. This one was perfect.  Duvet: Lyckoax, Ikea.
Curtains: JC Penney. Did I mention washable?
Curtain Rods: Allen + Roth, Lowe's… clearance. (If you are on the search for curtain rods, you've got to check in store for clearance ones.  They had TONS of great ones!)
Mobile: gift from Kenya.  If you support the great work of these guys, maybe you can get one too! ;)
Chinese dog: Target… clearance.
Lamp: Homegoods. LOVE!
Sound Machine: Amazon.  This one.
Wooden Door wall hanging: Hobby Lobby.  Again, clearance.
Lantern: Rotera, Ikea
Bird Wall hanging: Urban Outfitters, clearanced about 6 years ago.
Dog: Maggie, Carin Terrier

I forgot to post these cute pictures.  Just as I was finishing taking pictures, Sloane was about ready for bed, so Blake brought her in to get her ready.  I couldn't resist the sweet smiles and grins she shared.
IMG 5916IMG 5919

Rocky Mountain National Park… some more

We had so much fun on our day at Rocky Mountain National Park, I had to break it into two posts. After our morning spent exploring various parts of the park with some very short hiking, we decided to see what was at the end of this one road that looked like it went deep into the park according to our map.  If you've been here before, you probably drove this road.  Just to let you know how much we DIDN'T know about the park, we had no idea what beauty we were about to see.  Jaw dropping, actually.  It was called Trail Ridge Road, and it leads up to a peak above 12,000 feet. Apparently we drove this same road when I was a kid and my family visited Colorado, and it is possible Blake did as well, but neither of us remembered this specific road. Now, if you remember, from my first post about Rocky Mountain National Park, we asked the park ranger as we entered what we shouldn't miss and what would be great for a family with little kids. WHY DID HE NOT MENTION THIS DRIVE?
IMG 5579
IMG 5594
This was about the point I started…. freaking out a bit.  Blake quickly got me in check by telling me that I was going to scare Egan. Thanks dear.  What you can't see is that there is a MAJOR drop off on both sides of the road. BOTH SIDES. No rail.  It actually makes me a little nervous looking at these pictures and I've never been one that is scared of heights.IMG 5596
And then we saw this.  That's a guy on a bike.  Pulling a trailer. On a road. With no rails. Up to 12,000 feet.  For the record, he made it.  We saw him at the top. (There were lots of other bikers doing the same thing. Sorry, but that just seems crazy.)IMG 5590
We also saw these elk along the way.
IMG 5604
This is probably a good point to share that as we were talking about what we might see in the park, Egan was most excited to see an Aoudad. If you click that link, you will see they live in Africa.  We had to break the news that we would not be seeing Aoudads on this trip. Or giraffes… they were his next request. (To his credit, he frequently sees both of those animals at Fossil Rim.)
Once we made it to the top of the mountain, we saw these four male elk on the side of the mountain.  They weren't visible from the parking lot, so I took a short walk down till I was about 50 yards away to see these guys and get a few pictures.
IMG 5619
The view from the top. We brought along a picnic lunch, so this was our view as we ate. ahhhhh.
IMG 5623
We then let Egan pick a little souvenir. This was what he picked.  I don't know if he'd ever seen a snow globe, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. I got a little chuckle when from the back seat of the car I hear him talking about the "big moose in the front and the hippo eating in the back."  I explained that a moose and an elk do look similar, but this was an elk.  The hippo?  I don't know what made him think the animal in the background was a hippo, but he did.  I explained it too was an elk.  It just looked like it was a little different color than the other one. I think we need to work on our geography in relationship to animals.  I just love that boy.
IMG 2130
Eventually it was time to head back to our room for nap time, but this was our view on the descent.
IMG 5635
IMG 5653
We thought this little lake was so cool. (little? probably not.)IMG 5668IMG 5682
Then as we descended further, we saw the smoke from the fires that were burning in Colorado.  From the news, seems like these fires got much worse after we left.   What we saw was pretty shocking even then!IMG 5701
So, if you get to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, we highly recommend taking Trail Line Drive.  It was a beautiful drive, and there were lots of places to stop along the way to get out and walk and explore.  We were only able to drive and get out at the end on this trip, but next time we will know what we want to go and see!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Wheeeeere did I leave this?

Back to our Colorado trip...

Wednesday was a free day to spend together as a family.  We decided to go into Rocky Mountain National Park… right by Estes Park.  We asked around for something family friendly knowing we wouldn't be doing a ton of hiking with Egan walking.  The suggestion we kept hearing was to go to Bear Lake, but the road into the area closed for traffic at 9.  Well, we didn't make it in time, so we didn't get to do that on Wednesday.  Instead, we checked out several different parts of the Park.  First was this little area suggested by the Park Ranger as a good, family place in the park to visit.  The view was nice.

IMG 5268

Sloane wasn't a happy camper, so as Blake worked to get her calm, I took a few pictures of Egan exploring the area.IMG 5248

Once Sloane finally calmed down and had a little milk, she got to go for a ride in the ergo. Egan asked to take Sloane and my picture.  Pretty good, huh? (Blake was holding and helping him a bit.  My camera weighs about as much as he does.)

IMG 5298

Then, I asked him to get in a picture with me, which surprisingly… he did! (Last time for the trip, by the way.)

IMG 5300

A pic with daddy?  No thank you!

IMG 5303

So, off we went on our hike.  Egan and daddy hunting for butterflies, which Egan actually caught one… bare handed.  Just call him the Karate Kid.

IMG 5308

Egan exploring the beautiful landscape… looking for horses (we saw tracks), and spotting them off in the distance.

IMG 5312

The story of our lives these days… Egan: "No thank you picture." and Sloane: sleeping.  Mom and Dad: thrilled with life.

IMG 5319

IMG 5332

Now, here's where I'll admit to fellow photogs out there that this was not a photography trip. (Shocking, I know… right?) So, with two kids in tow… one who screams every time the car slows down (you think I'm kidding… I'm not), we weren't able to actually STOP and take pictures of the beauty.  Instead, they were taken from a moving car. Not my favorite, but tis life at this point!IMG 5347

Our next stop was a little creek we stumbled upon.  We didn't really plan our trip, we just explored and enjoyed things as they came along. Sloane and Blake walking along the creek.

IMG 5360

And Egan wanting to touch it.

IMG 5365

Again, Sloane hanging with Blake while Egan threw rocks in the water.

IMG 5406

IMG 5418

Really, throwing rocks, touching water, exploring trails and getting dirty = fun for little boys!

IMG 5423

Next up, a short hike to a cool waterfall.

IMG 5488

I'll be honest, this seemed much more impressive in person. Oh well.

Pretty much this is a repeat of previous pictures in a new location.  Egan: "No thank you picture."

IMG 5504

Sloane: Sleeping

IMG 5508

Egan throws lots of rocks in water.

IMG 5523IMG 5527

And repeat… Egan: "No thank you picture." Sloane: Sleeping.

IMG 5541

Throw some rocks.

IMG 5537

IMG 5545


IMG 5551

We had a blast together as a family and our exploring wasn't even done!  My most favorite part of the trip up next!  Here's a sneak peak.

IMG 5579