Tuesday, May 1, 2012

good "clean" fun

It's been fun times here in our back yard.  I picked up some cheap shaving cream at the store the other day and brought it out of my "basket o' fun" for Egan to play with a few evenings ago.   I sprayed it on the top and down the slide and he went to town with a couple of his sand trucks.  Who knew they'd make great shaving cream trucks?!

IMG 4539IMG 4541IMG 4544IMG 4560IMG 4562

After the shaving cream on the slide play, I made a little bubble bath for Egan to play in.  Hello fun!IMG 4574

Earlier in the day he hit his eye on the play area at Chick-fil-a.  It hadn't quite bruised yet, but did end up looking a bit rough the next day.  All that to say his black eye didn't come from this...

IMG 4585

… the large stick...
IMG 4586

… or even no hands!  Hard to believe, I know.IMG 4589

It was good ole' fashioned summertime fun in our back yard. IMG 4592

Water, cups, bucket, bubbles.
IMG 4600IMG 4610

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