Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2 months

Dear Sloane,
You are two months old! The last month has flown by. We've had a beautiful Spring and have spent lots of time outside. You love being outside and otherwise out and about as long as I don't make you sit in your car seat. That is still pretty much your least favorite thing. You love to be swaddled. Anytime you are grumpy (and you aren't hungry), we can fix that by wrapping you up nice and tight. The Miracle Blanket has helped us to have a happy house! You sleep in your bed at night and in your bouncy seat for most naps. You go to bed at about 8; we wake you once before we go to bed to feed you; you wake about 4:30 or 5:00 am to eat and then wake between 7:30 and 8:00 for a while in the mornings. In the last month, you've even slept all night twice... Skipping that middle of the night feeding! Hurray! 
For the most part, you do a pretty good job napping as well. You take mostly short naps in the morning and evening and one loooong nap in the afternoon.

Egan is still smitten with you.  When I lay you down on a blanket and walk away for a minute, I can usually find him laying with you when I return singing to you, talking to you, or teaching you something.  His favorites are to get you to to give him "five" or fist bumps. He also likes to give you your paci, snuggle, and kiss you.  It is so fun being the mom to you two kids.

You've grown and changed quite a bit in the last month.  You are much more alert and watch us as we walk around the room following us with your eyes and even moving your head as we pass by.  You love being held, but are also typically happy  to lay in your swing, bouncy seat or floor for short periods of time.  Unlike your brother, you don't typically mind when we change your diaper or clothes.  For the most part, you are actually pretty happy during those times!  Like Egan at this age, though, you do a lot of studying of your environment.  You aren't quick to crack a smile, but I can tell you are taking in everything that you see.

Sloane, you've only been around for two months, but it already feels like you've been in our family forever.  You really fit in perfectly and I can't imagine life without you.  I think we are all growing and learning to be a better family because of you.  We love you and look forward to our next month together.  You are such a joy.



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Friday, May 11, 2012

Scrub a dub dub...

… two kids in a tub.

Sloane isn't super smiley most of the time, but the other night in the bath, she thought it was about time to practice. I thought it was too sweet to pass up.

IMG 4756

The smiles soon passed, but she was still happy to hang out in her tub for a while longer...

IMG 4790

… and be silly.  I'm not sure what's going on here.

IMG 4764

Egan was being silly too.  He was all smiles.

IMG 4786

My favorite thing… two clean jammied kids ready for a story. Egan laid down next to Sloane to sing and talk to her.  Melt.

IMG 1870

Egan's pick: "The Mixed-Up Chameleon".  One of his favorites and one of mine too.  I'm so thankful for sweet family evenings

IMG 1876

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

good "clean" fun

It's been fun times here in our back yard.  I picked up some cheap shaving cream at the store the other day and brought it out of my "basket o' fun" for Egan to play with a few evenings ago.   I sprayed it on the top and down the slide and he went to town with a couple of his sand trucks.  Who knew they'd make great shaving cream trucks?!

IMG 4539IMG 4541IMG 4544IMG 4560IMG 4562

After the shaving cream on the slide play, I made a little bubble bath for Egan to play in.  Hello fun!IMG 4574

Earlier in the day he hit his eye on the play area at Chick-fil-a.  It hadn't quite bruised yet, but did end up looking a bit rough the next day.  All that to say his black eye didn't come from this...

IMG 4585

… the large stick...
IMG 4586

… or even no hands!  Hard to believe, I know.IMG 4589

It was good ole' fashioned summertime fun in our back yard. IMG 4592

Water, cups, bucket, bubbles.
IMG 4600IMG 4610