Monday, April 9, 2012

three years!

(Well, wouldn't you know that I sat down to write this Saturday night on Egan's birthday and got pulled away in the middle to feed Sloane and then forgot all about what I was doing and went to bed.  It is now Monday… two days after Egan's birthday… and I'm finally sitting down to finish.)

Today was such a fun day!  We got to celebrate Egan turning three!  It seems like just yesterday he was taking his first breath and with that turning our world upside down.  Now, we couldn't imagine it any other way.

Egan, you are a joy to all those around you.  You truly have a gift that allows you to light up a room.  You've never met a stranger and your funny sense of humor has us and everyone you come into contact with laughing constantly.  Daily I wonder where you come up with the things you say because I sure don't remember teaching them to you!  You are doing a great job in your new role as big brother.  When she isn't in the room, you always ask, "where is my baby?" and when she is in the room you always say, "Is my baby sleeping or awake?"  You also like to give her "five" and "boom" several times a day.  My favorite thing by far is when you kiss her good night without being prompted.  That is a sure way to melt your mom's heart!  I can already see that you will take great care of Sloane as you grow up together.  I'm a blessed mommy.

You are so much like your daddy in that you can identify any quote from a movie or show you've seen or song you've heard and finish the line.

One thing you don't really care for is… food.  You are the slowest eater I've ever seen, and to get you to eat what you need for a meal is quite the challenge.  What you do eat is really healthy!  You often choose green beans, peas or broccoli over pasta or even dessert.  I have no idea where you got that trait!

Egan, life with you is constantly fun and challenging, but I can't imagine having it any other way.  I'm looking forward to the coming year as you continue to learn and change daily.  I'm sure you will surprise me each step of the way with your huge capacity to love, learn and care for for your family far beyond your three years.

Love you,



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