Friday, April 13, 2012


Finally!  The main event!  This year for Egan's birthday party we decided to combine forces with Marshall and celebrate all together.  Their birthdays are just one day apart, after all!  Marshall and Egan both have new little siblings as well, so we needed a pretty stress free party for all their buddies.  Enter Bounce-U.  It is two rooms of crazy bouncing and sliding for all the kids.  They had a blast.
Here are the birthday boys in action.
IMG 3985
Egan had an interesting sliding tactic.  I'm pretty sure he did it to get maximum speed.  Instead of sitting and sliding like a normal kid, he took a running and jumping start.  I'm pretty sure he didn't touch the slide till the bottom.IMG 3989IMG 4004
The little ones… We call them Playgroup 2.0… not quite old enough to really play.
IMG 4007
Egan and Preston taking on the big slide!IMG 4010IMG 4019IMG 4025IMG 4026
This is pretty much the whole crew.  I think they were all so tired from bouncing that they actually sat still!  WIN!IMG 4044
This is what you get when you ask a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds to make funny faces.
IMG 4048IMG 4056IMG 4062IMG 4071
IMG 4092
Sloane slept through the ENTIRE party.  Yay for the Ergo!
TIMG 4098The monster themed double birthday cake.
IMG 4086IMG 4088
IMG 4124IMG 4133
IMG 4134
And don't they look thrilled with themselves?IMG 4137
Cake eating time!  I think Egan took maybe one bite on his own.  He's not so much for cake.IMG 4143IMG 4154IMG 4157
He eventually settled on a monster lolly pop.IMG 4159
A family picture with the three year old!IMG 4173
Really, he's three… not four like his fingers say.IMG 4176
Finally, the right number of fingers.IMG 4181
It was a happy day with lots of fun friends!

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