Tuesday, April 24, 2012


IMG 4531

The other day I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready when I heard Egan talking in the living room. As I peeked around the corner, this is what I saw...

IMG 4532

What I heard was, "Sloane, this is how you do boom." (As he bumped her fist gently with his…) "Boom!"

Then he did this...

IMG 4533

"… and this is how you do Five."  (As he opened up his hand and patted it underneath hers.)

I'm sure this won't be the last thing he teaches her… good or bad, and one reason I'm so glad she's got a big brother like him.


  1. What a great big brother! Teaching sissy how to use the language of the people to connect...

  2. Oh my goodness! That is the sweetest thing. Way to go Big Brother Egan. :)