Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Egan's new ride

Egan had a fun surprise on Friday when after nap we took him outside for an extra special surprise.  Daddy covered his eyes and helped him walk.
IMG 3948
Then, on the count of three he opened his eyes and saw this!IMG 3951
It's his very own Lightening McQueen (who else?) bike!  He was THRILLED!IMG 3962
He even got a flame helmet to go with his new ride!IMG 3968
He hasn't quite gotten the peddling thing down just yet, but he is really close.  It won't be long before he is riding fast up and down the sidewalk all by himself.  For now, though, he requires just a little help to keep the pedals going.IMG 3971IMG 3975
In the end, the bugs on the sidewalk won out.  He didn't fall… he just wanted to check them out up close.IMG 3978
A funny side note: Egan has taken his helmet everywhere the last few days and even insisted he wear it in the car… "because mommy is a crazy driver."  He's a comedian!  Just so you know, I'm a "crazy driver" because I honked ONCE weeks ago.  In his mind, now I'll always be a crazy driver.

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