Tuesday, March 6, 2012

you know?

I just don't know where he gets it!  This is Egan's personal camera.  Every so often, we get it out so he can take a few (hundred) pictures.  Then, somehow it gets full… (Thankfully, because I'm usually tired of getting my picture taken by then.)  It's a nice camera, but with our iPhones now, we really don't have a lot of use for it, so we passed it along to Egan.
IMG 1602
Well, his camera has been full for close to a week now, so I just downloaded the pictures for him.  Here's a sampling of what he had on there.
Random objects by the dozens.
IMG 1836
IMG 1837
Lots of pictures of Maggie and Bo.
IMG 1849
A sampling of overexposed self portraits.
IMG 1943
And some pictures of both Blake and myself… Typically shot from they eye level of a toddler which translates to some unflattering pictures, but I thought this was actually a good one.  Blake has a head and is centered!
IMG 1957
In all honesty, I've let him do some shooting with my backup SLR camera when I'm sitting right there with him and he really does a pretty great job!  He can put his eye up to the viewfinder and press the shutter release! It is never to early to learn to use a camera in our house!

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