Friday, March 30, 2012

since we were all dressed up anyway...

I thought it was the perfect chance to get a few pictures of the four of us.  My cousin got married last weekend, and we were able to make it for her big day!  (Congrats Heather and Jay!)  Egan wasn't so thrilled with the idea, but I'm happy with what we got anyway.

IMG 3736
IMG 3754

Egan took my nose...IMG 3751

And gave it away.  Typical game with that boy, and he takes it VERY seriously.IMG 3756

Sloane pretty much slept through the entire event while Egan got to play an iPhone during the service and then left before he could cause too much damage at the reception.  Just enough time to say hi to everyone and be in a few pictures, but not wear our his welcome. HA!

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