Monday, February 27, 2012

even bigger

I last wrote about Egan sleeping in his big boy bed, but hadn't quite gotten his mattress in an actual bed yet.  Well, Blake's been working really hard to change that.  It started with the love of an expensive daybed from one of my favorite stores and became even better than the inspiration piece with lots of love and hard work from Daddy.  He started with a 2"x14" and cut it down into long pieces…(lots more than shown here.)

(All construction pictures thanks to the ever present iPhone.  Truly, what would we do without it?)

IMG 0894 Cut then down even more...

IMG 0896

Eventually assembled this...

IMG 0899

Got the overall frame assembled and primed...

IMG 0923

… and painted!

IMG 0924

Then, just tonight, with the help of a neighbor, we got it all in his room to complete the assembly!  (This happened just before bed, so the wood shavings on the floor and sock…. oops! Those will get cleaned in the morning.)

IMG 3350

Egan couldn't be more thrilled!

IMG 3356

And rightfully so.  I think it is just perfect.

IMG 3357

Plans found here.  Cute kid and talented husband not included.